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BerryPharma AG - The Red Fruit Extract Company

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BerryPharma AG​ is a specialist supplier of red fruit-nutrition to the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. Food technology specialists driven by laboratory standards and located in Europe. All red fruits are sourced from inside Europe.

BerryPharma is reknown for its Elderberry compounds from the famous “Haschberg” (Sambucus nigra from Styria/Austria).

BerryPharma use innovative and proprietary manufacturing procedures to produce food supplement grade concentrates and nutraceutical extracts which are uniquely rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols and other phytoprotectants. If you are developing products with the following claims, request more information

• Strengthening of the Immunesystem
• Cardiovascular Protection
• Anti Viral Action
• Anti Stress
• Improvement of Night Vision
• Anti-Mutagenic Activity
• Anti-Inflammatory Activity
• Anti-Diabetic Activity
• Bio-Availability

We manufacture our ingredients using two different technologies

  1. Mechanical food technology to compliment the food regulatory requirements for food supplements
  2. Solvent extraction technology to achieve higher levels of standardised anthocyanin extracts for the OTC

Example for our ingredients, ask us for infos:

BerryPharma AG:
Corporate Office
Appenzell, Switzerland

Sales and Marketing Office
Leichlingen, Germany
Fax +49 2174 307 6219

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