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Amazing Vanilla!

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Amazing Vanilla!

The unmistakable and indulgent aroma of Vanilla beans is acknowledged and recognised the world over. Now Belmay, well known for uncompromising quality, has reinvented the vanilla experience by developing a truly remarkable extract. The key distinguishing feature of this exceptional product lies in our choice of the finest vanilla beans as the indigenous raw material. In addition, a focus on care and attention allied to a keen eye for detail during the extraction process results in a wonderfully smooth and creamy tasting finished product. Just right to ensure the finished flavour blends beautifully with a variety of food and beverage applications, giving them a richer, fuller taste. Furthermore, this supple, delicate and fragrant vanilla extract produces flavour which can be used to enhance a variety of dishes. For example, cakes, creams, custards, soufflés, ice creams, confectionery, liqueurs and soft drinks to name just a few. Pure, powerful and aromatic, we believe our vanilla flavour will exceed all your expectations. So indulge yourself in a taste you'll absolutely relish!

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