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Actilight, the most active fibre

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Actilight, the most active fibre

Actilight® ​ is a sweet soluble fibre with prebiotic properties. This ingredient composed of short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS) is being used in many food products for consumers' health and well-being. Actilight® allows to improve their nutritional and health profile by adding fibres, replacing sugars, reducing caloric value, lowering Glycaemic Index and contributing to rebalance the intestinal microflora.

Actilight® is an ideal sugar substitute with a caloric value of 2 kcal/g and a sweetening power of 30% compared to sucrose.
For example, the replacement of 45% of the sucrose content in chocolate mousse with Actilight® allows to design a sugar reduced product with no difference in texture and sensory value compared to the reference. The total substitution of sucrose in a cake with Actilight® was also successful with no difference in firmness, elasticity, colour and taste profile, allowing a sugar-free claim.

Actilight® is not digested in the small intestine and therefore does not increase blood glucose and insulin. This makes Actilight® perfectly suitable for diabetics' foods.
In many applications, the use of Maltilite® maltitol syrups together with Actilight® to replace part or all of the sugar is recommended.

Actilight® is a dietary soluble fibre containing 95% of non-digestible fibre. It is an instant soluble fibre of vegetal origin with a taste profile similar to sucrose. Actilight® can be easily incorporated in liquid and dry foodstuffs allowing nutrition claims such as "source of fibre" and "High in fibre" with no process modification. Actilight® even improves the mouthfeel and flavours profile. For example, the incorporation of 6% of Actilight® in breakfast cereals permits "High in fibre" claim with cereal flavours' enhancement and limited Maillard reaction.


The prebiotic effect of Actilight® has been demonstrated by more than 150 clinical studies worldwide. This prebiotic effect consists in bringing specific changes in the composition and/or activity of the digestive microflora in order to confer health and well-being benefits. Active enough to stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria at 2,5 g per day during seven days of supplementation, Actilight® is one of the most efficient prebiotic fibre.

Clinical studies have clearly shown that Actilight® improves the digestive comfort. After 6 weeks of consumption of Actilight®, the intensity of abdominal pain significantly decreases. 96% of the subjects observed a significant improvement of digestive comfort and 83% did confirm a better well-being in their daily activities.

Many studies have proven a positive effect on the immune system with the reinforcement of the intestinal barrier effect and the reduction of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract. Enhancement of the bio-availability of calcium and magnesium has also been demonstrated. Moreover, Actilight® was shown to enhance the absorption of isoflavones from the diet and to improve bone density by increasing their bio-availability.

Actilight® is a non viscous and easy-to-use ingredient. Indeed, its technological properties are similar to sucrose and it has a nice and clean sweet taste. It also enhances aromas and masks off-flavours coming from intense sweeteners.

Actilight® is a first choice, multi-functional ingredient dedicated to bring nutritional and health values to a large variety of foodstuffs. Actilight® is the most favourite ingredient of food technologists to design innovative functional foods.

Actilight® is produced from beet sugar using a bio-synthesis process providing consistent characteristics and reliable functionalities. It contains the shortest chains of fructo-oligosaccharides available in nature. These soluble fibres are naturally present in many plant species such as onion, artichoke, bananas,..

Actilight® is an ingredient and not an additive. It is labelled on the ingredient list as "fructo-oligosaccharides" or "Oligofructose".
Actilight® is available in powder form liquid form with fibre content ranging from 55% to 95%.

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