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ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) - for foods, beverages and tablets

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ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) - for foods, beverages and tablets

DSM Nutritional Products (, the former Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division of Roche, is a globally leading supplier of high quality and performance nutrients to food, functional food and supplement manufacturers. A major skill of DSM Nutritional Products is its experience in formulating nutrients such as vitamins or carotenoids in order to offer easily applicable product forms to food and supplement manufacturers. The new DSM brand ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) is the company's response to the growing demand of manufacturers for easily applicable and bioavailable forms of Coenzyme Q10. Traditionally, Coenzyme Q10 was marketed in its crystalline form. The crystals were suspended in oil and then encapsulated in soft gelatine capsules. Tablet grade forms of Coenzyme Q10 were not available. The crystals of Coenzyme Q10 are fat soluble and thus had little or no application in food fortification. DSM Nutritional Products has recognised that providing a water soluble form of will open up new markets and create new products opportunities also for its customers in the food and beverage industries. The new ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) range includes two products with enhanced bioavailability and physical properties that facilitate the use in various kinds of foods, beverages and supplements. ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) 10% TG/P is a dry powder produced from poultry gelatine using patented DSM technology. It enables supplement developers to address the growing demand for Coenzyme Q10 by expanding the delivery options. It facilitates the coenzyme's use in supplements such as multivitamin and single-entity tablets, antioxidant tablets and two-piece hard shell gelatine capsules. The excellent product performance includes extremely low extrusion losses in tabletting and stability. ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) 10% CWS/S is a starch based food grade powder using DSM's experience with other fat soluble nutrients such as carotenoids. The product is cold water soluble and stable in beverages. Being neutral in taste and containing only vegetarian ingredients ALL-Q™ (Coenzyme Q10) 10% CWS/S enables product developers to complete their range of beverages and effervescent tablets with products responding on actual consumer demand. Coenzyme Q10 (also called Ubiquinone or CoQ10) is a natural, vitamin-like compound found in cell mitochondria of plants and animals. Approximately 95% of the body's energy is activated by CoQ10 and it is an essential cofactor in the generation of energy (ATP). CoQ10, although found in many foods, studies show that dietary intake of CoQ10 is low. It is found in most body tissues, but levels are declining with age. Low CoQ10 levels have been observed in a number of diseases and thus an increased intake of CoQ10 has been associated to benefit heart health and immunity. CoQ10 is commonly used in cosmetic products for its anti-aging properties. For further details please log on to:

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