The elderly in particular may benefit from plant-based protein

Dispatch from HIE

Ageing Europeans should change protein consumption habits: Solae

By Caroline Scott-Thomas in Frankfurt

Europe's population is getting older, bringing a range of nutrition-related health concerns to the fore, including how to maintain muscle mass as we age - an issue thought to be closely related to protein consumption.

What's new in energy drinks?

Trendwatch: What's new in energy drinks?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The energy drink market is the fastest growing segment of the European soft drinks industry, so how are newcomers looking to get in on the action?

Sustainable palm oil production can be a boon for smallholders

Dispatch from RT10 in Singapore

Ensuring sustainability at the new frontiers of palm oil production

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Palm oil producers and traders have been looking for new production areas as expansion in environmentally sensitive regions in Southeast Asia has become increasingly difficult - but Latin American and African production must embrace sustainable standards...

Trendwatch: Traditional foods get 'snackified'

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

'Snackified' traditional foods are among the latest snack trends on show at SIAL in Paris this week, where better-for-you snacks have made a strong appearance.

World Food Day focuses on raising awareness of poverty and hunger

World Food Day

Food security is an industry issue, says Worldwatch expert

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The food industry could be a powerful player in ensuring food security - and that makes sense from both an ethical and a business perspective, according to Danielle Nierenberg, director of the Nourishing the Planet project at the Worldwatch Institute.

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