Food labelling

The Espita Barrada or Crossed Grains Trademark. Pic: AOECS

Spain to adopt EU gluten-free licensing system

By Gill Hyslop

The Federation of Coeliac Associations of Spain (FACE) has pledged to use the European licencing system Espiga Barrada (the Crossed Grain Trademark) from 2020.

© iStock/dolgachov

FoodProfiler app shines light onto European's eating habits

By Niamh Michail

Which vegetable do Brits eat the most? When do Belgian girls eat yoghurt? And do Dutch men prefer dessert or fruit? An app that gathers insights into European's eating habits could help fine-tune new product development.

Picture: iStock

Food Safety Recall round-up 26 May - 1 June 2018

Recalls: Campylobacter, glass and baby food

By Joseph James Whitworth

Recalls and alerts were made by England, Ireland, US, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Norway and the Netherlands.


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