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The FoodNavigator Unlocking Innovation Webinar Series

June 29 – August 6, 2020

The food & beverage development industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic…but as with all challenges there also comes opportunity.

That’s why the FoodNavigator brand is embarking on an ambitious global series to seek the game changers, disruptors and pioneers who are unlocking innovation.

The series will bring together leading experts to address the biggest issues for the industry including:

  • NPD and the evolving consumer landscape
  • Preventative health, wellness and nutrition
  • Start-ups, new business development and funding
  • Sustainability, traceability and supply chains
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Webinar Schedule

See below for the date and time of each webinar taking place within the series

  • Navigating the new normal: New product development and consumer needs during/post COVID-19

    June 29 at 12pm CT

    We'll explore how consumers are navigating this challenging time, bringing together R&D professionals and innovation experts from General Mills, Mattson, Hartman Group and ADM to explore about how coronavirus is impacting new product development in the short term and how it could impact medium and longer-range planning.

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  • Unlocking Innovation: Preventive health, wellness and nutrition (self-care in focus)

    July 23 at 12pm CT

    We explore how consumers are thinking about self-care. Is it about healthier eating, or are they ditching the diet and indulging more? Where are the growth opportunities in functional foods and beverages as we come out of this crisis? Hear from Thrive Market, IRI and more expert panelists.

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  • Unlocking Innovation: Startups, new business development, and funding

    July 30 at 12pm CT

    We will explore the current investing and financing climate, how to raise money in an unforgiving economic climate, tips for bootstrapping successfully, where to find grants and government support, brand-building and consumer-outreach strategies, and more.

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  • Sustainability in focus: From environmentally-friendly packaging to responsible ingredients sourcing

    August 6 at 12pm CT

    Food and beverage companies remain under intense pressure to develop more environmentally-friendly packaging and incorporate sustainability into responsible procurement strategies. So what are companies at the cutting edge doing to reduce their environmental impact, and what creative solutions are available to reduce the amount of packaging going into landfill?

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  • Unlocking innovation: Preventative health, wellness and nutrition

    June 30 at 4pm CET

    The COVID-19 pandemic places the link between diet and wellness into sharp relief. Will the crisis accelerate the trend toward ingredients that deliver either physical or mental health benefits? And – given the likely recession looming – will it reach the mass market?

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  • Unlocking innovation: Start-ups, new business development & funding

    July 8 at 4pm CET

    Agile start-ups and challenger brands have disrupted the food sector through their short NPD pipelines and close consumer relationships. But the economic consequences of COVID-19 are already weighing heavily on F&B SMEs. What does the future look like for start-up brands and how can they thrive in a post-COVID world?

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  • Unlocking innovation: NPD and the evolving consumer landscape

    July 22 at 4pm CET

    With diet and health front-of-mind for many, we are likely to see a continued rise in demand for cleaner labels and better-for-you products across high-growth categories like plant-based and healthy snacking. At the same time, the expected economic downturn could well boost demand for the comfort categories.

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  • Unlocking innovation: Sustainability & traceability in focus

    July 29 at 4pm CET

    Echoes of the disruption wrought by COVID-19 can be seen in the looming climate crisis, making climate-smart food production high on the agenda for food makers, retailers and shoppers alike. What impact will the coronavirus crisis have on approaches to sustainable food production?

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  • Unlocking innovation: Start-ups, new business development & funding

    July 1 at 1pm SGT

    APAC’s start-ups are the industry’s future stars, but how do we help them go from being a fledgling firm to a major player? In this webinar, we’ll be assessing funding models, partnership programmes and the areas that are crying out for new innovation.

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  • Unlocking innovation: NPD and the evolving consumer landscape

    July 7 at 1pm SGT

    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to marked shifts in consumer preferences, buying habits and retail channels. In the APAC version of this webinar, we’ll be asking which of these are here to stay and which were short term consequences of lockdowns and restrictions?

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  • Supply Chain and Sustainability: Disruption to Opportunity

    July 28 at 1pm SGT

    The COVID-19 pandemic put exceptional pressure on the food supply chain. We’ll be drilling down into lessons learned, from labour shortages at the agricultural level, to the impact of safe distancing in factories, through to fulfilling soaring consumer demand in the stores, while simultaneously assessing the rise in consumer and industry demands for sustainability and traceability solutions that can protect supplies.

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  • Unlocking innovation: Preventive health, wellness and nutrition

    August 4 at 1pm SGT

    APAC consumers increasingly want products that not only look and taste great, and provide nourishment, but also boost their health and wellness. In this webinar, we’ll be assessing the demand for functional products and fortified goods in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, plus how this will spur even greater demand for reformulated products containing less sugar, salt and fat.

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