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Strategies for improving the sensory profile of sodium reduced bread


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Lowering sodium content in bread brings with it significant technological challenges for the industry as sodium plays a major role in dough formation, fermentation rate, flavour and eating properties of bread.
Several strategies have been tried and tested by industry such as a gradual salt reduction over longer time periods or replacement of sodium by blends of other ions. However, maintaining the sensory profile of bread while using these methods has not proved easy.
Bread makers, under pressure to meet government salt reduction targets, are contributing to on-going research to establish new approaches to cut sodium content in bread that can deliver on flavour and texture.
We ask how effective new sodium reduction techniques such as taste-taste interactions or multisensory interactions are and look at emerging approaches to amplify taste perception. We also look at consumer reaction to sodium reduced bread. 



Martijn Noort 
Project Manager and Bakery Scientist



Jane Byrne
Senior Editor

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