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Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition 2013

Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition 2013

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The Sports Nutrition 2013 Online Event will explore the current market and future opportunities for the sports nutrition industry, valued at between $27-32 billion​ globally. This free-to-attend one-day event offers valuable insights and presentations about the key product segments, demographic groups and geographic regions in this fast-paced and exciting business sector.

Webinars, moderated by the award-winning journalists behind the NutraIngredients news sites, will focus on market opportunities​, strategies for brand success​, and the future of the biggest ingredient in the sector: protein​.

Product champions

Understanding how the global sports nutrition market is structured, which geographical regions and demographic sectors are growing the most, and which product forms are champions for each, is vital for product success. Chris Schmidt from Euromonitor International will share exclusive insights and market data on these key issues.

We're also exploring successful strategies for sports nutrition product manufacturers on how to build and maintain a successful brand​. With the DMAA saga fresh in everyone’s minds and the industry reeling from claims from athletes that supplements are responsible for failed doping tests, how can a brand build the science, safety, and trust to bring market success? Stephen Moon from the UK’s SiS (Science in Sport) shares his experiences and insights in this exclusive case study.

Protein’s central role

No discussion about sports nutrition would be complete without considering the current and future role for protein​ in products. Whey and soy dominate as protein sources, but what about protein from other sources, like pea, rice, and flax?

In a webinar with Herbalife, a world-leading protein supplier, and an experienced consultant and protein researcher, we explore the scientific and business aspects of protein, from amino acid profiles and uptakes, to potential to enhance bioavailability and reduce costs by using ingredients such as probiotics and enzymes.

Hear from leading suppliers

In addition, leading ingredient suppliers will present their latest research, new product concepts, and information about their ingredients for sports nutrition applications. These webinars will provide formulators with a wide variety of solutions​, including different ingredients for a range of health outcomes/targets - from endurance and muscle strength to recovery and rehydration - for a variety of product applications​.

With the market predicted to grow between 3-5% over the next four years, you cannot afford to be left behind. Sign up today for Sports Nutrition 2013.

Who should attend?

This event is a must attend for marketers and brand managers of sports nutrition products, R&D scientists and formulators, and business development experts of sports and lifestyle products. If you have a scientific and/or business interest in the sports nutrition and lifestyle sector, we’ll see you there!

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