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Rethinking Fat Forum 2014

Rethinking Fat Forum 2014

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When it comes to diet, fat has long been seen as the enemy. But has fat – even the saturated kind – been given an unfair hearing when it comes to nutrition and diet? In this roundtable debate, FoodNavigator brings together global experts to provide a health check on our attitudes toward fats and oils.

Join us as we explore some of the stickiest questions about fat, including:
• Has fat in general been demonised wrongly?
• Is the tide of scientific evidence for saturated fat really turning?
• Has the 'low fat diet' culture backfired when it comes to obesity and disease?
• Does the increasing evidence for 'good fats' mean we could see a reversal of attitudes towards fat?
• Can all fats play a role in a healthy diet, or do manufacturers still need to adjust the levels of certain types of fat in foods?
• Where do we stand with international health guidelines on fats?
• What are the best solutions for reducing levels of trans fats and other ‘bad fats’?

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