Alt Dairy: What’s next for animal-free dairy?

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Alt Dairy: What’s next for animal-free dairy?

Alt dairy brands want to achieve the experience of dairy, without the cow. Increasingly, tech pioneers are turning to next-gen solutions to achieve the creamy and indulgent profile consumers want. In this session, we’ll examine the R&D-fuelled innovation shaping the future of animal-free dairy.

Panel discussion: Alt dairy 2.0: The next-gen tech and ingredients revamping dairy-free

Innovation in alt dairy is exploding. As pioneering companies – both big and small – work to propel the category forward, we take a look at their novel ingredients, processes and techniques. How will these innovations shape the dairy aisle of tomorrow? Join our panel of experts to find out.

- Alt dairy tech trends: from precision fermentation to cell cultivated dairy

- Where are the whitespace opportunities in next-gen dairy-free?

- What challenges and opportunities exist in bringing Alt Dairy 2.0 to market?