Alt Dairy: Innovative NPD making a splash in alt dairy

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Alt Dairy: Innovative NPD making a splash in alt dairy

With the global dairy alternatives market projected to reach over $61bn by 2029, what started as a niche offering is now commonplace in household fridges. Innovators are leaning into new product formats and category expansion to continue to grow alt-dairy, so what’s making a splash amongst consumers?

Panel discussion: From plant-based milk to vegan double cream: Expanding the alt dairy aisle

Plant-based milk has well and truly hit the mainstream. But innovative approaches to this category, as well as expansion into other dairy strongholds, continue to excite. From vegan ice cream to plant-based crème fraiche, how are new dairy-free formats continuing to grow the market, with taste, nutrition, and health in mind?

- How is ingredient diversity reinvigorating plant-based milks?

- Can new consumers be persuaded by plant-based yoghurt, ice cream and crème fraiche?

- From sustainability credentials to nutrition and taste, what’s helping new products stand out on shelf?