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Probiotech 2011


PROBIOTECH 2011 will provide the last updated information on the use (industrial applications, regulation) of these functional ingredients (pre-, probiotics & synbiotics) and will answer practical industrials’ issues by a series of scientific- & technological-oriented conferences.

This year we will provide innovative session on the use of these friendly micro-organisms and associated fibres as potential marketable products for the medicine, biofilm, weigh management... and in the animal feed growing sector

Also an INNOVATIVE SESSION on GENOMIC (day 1) starting with an academic presentation and very short equipment/technology demonstrations from industrial leaders to be discussed with the audience and an innovative THINK TANK (day 2) with a panel of academic and industrial leaders to discuss with the audience on the protection issue for probiotics microorganisms: oxydation protection, growth and delivery Very short presentation with a kind of OPEN INNOVATION debate on microencapsulation to ensure viability, shelf life, delivery, hydrogen peroxyde & heat chock resistance..

As for the previous editions, this will be again the best way to meet the right people (R&D & managing Director, regulatory consultant, microencapsulation experts) in one place and find new collaboration and concrete business’ opportunities.

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PROBIOTECH2011, June 23>24, Milan/Italy

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