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Obesity & Weight Management 2015

Obesity & Weight Management 2015

The world is getting fatter, and the cost of global obesity is ballooning – in terms of lost quality of life, productivity, and the burden of health care on the public purse.
Although poor food and nutrition choices undoubtedly carry much of the blame, the food and nutrition sector can play an important role in reversing the trend.

New research is building credibility for weight management ingredients, and foods that satisfy cravings without resorting to added sugars and saturated fats have become staples of the mainstream food industry.

While some big brands are cutting calories, introducing new ingredients and changing marketing tactics, consumers are increasingly cynical about weight loss products.

How should the market respond?

How can it help improve our scientific understanding of weight loss?

And what are the next big developments for the sector?

Are specialist weight management foods cooked?

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The NUTRALYS® pea protein effect on SATIETY: Check out the FIRST CLINICAL study!

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The Food & Fitness Continuum: 5 Things You Need to Know About Weight Management Consumer Segments

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Searching for the silver bullet: Which ingredients hold the most potential?

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Portion control, reformulation and marketing: How should food companies respond to obesity?

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