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Life Stages 2012

Life Stages 2012

It's a generational thing! From infants to baby boomers, the market offers lots of products showing how preferences and needs differ from one age group to the next. The markets in individual categories are growing rapidly. For example the rising ageing population means products targeted at the elderly are increasing with focus on energy, cognitive health and bone and joint health.

Providing the right nutrition at progressing life stages can play a key role in reducing the risk of developing a number of conditions, from cancer to diabetes, osteoporosis to obesity. The right nutrition for the right age group also increases the feeling of day-to-day wellbeing.

Successfully developing food, beverage and supplement products for different age groups requires a deep understanding of tastes, health conditions, and spending power, but which groups show the most market potential? What do different groups look for in a food, beverage or supplement? Which are the health benefits they look for the most? And how can successful formulations be translated from one generation to the next?

LifeStages2012 will focus on the very latest opportunities in this sector, including the ever-expanding Kids health category, a detailed overview on the different age groups in the life stages markets, life stage product opportunities in emerging markets and of course marketing and advertising to the modern day world.

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