Climate Smart Sourcing

Climate Smart Sourcing

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Ingredients are a major contributor to FMCGs’ carbon footprints, making sourcing practices crucial to meeting carbon reduction deadlines. But cultivation is not the only consideration: global supply chains are increasingly plagued by disruption and have long been linked to human rights violations. How can sustainability be embedded into global supply chains?

Managing disrupted supply chains amid droughts, floods, and war
Supply chain disruptions have become increasingly commonplace amid recent natural disasters and global conflicts, threatening food production and global insecurity. How can these challenges be overcome in the short-term, and networks reimagined for the long-term, with resilience in mind?

Can we trust regenerative agriculture to save the day?
Regenerative agriculture is tipped to boost soil health, support healthy water use, and encourage biodiversity to thrive. But what exactly do we mean by ‘regenerative agriculture’? Without an official definition of the term, is there a greenwashing risk? We ask how trust can be sown into regenerative agriculture.