All news articles for November 2017

Livestock is seen as a leading GHG emitter ©DigitalZombie/iStock

Agriculture in spotlight ahead of COP23 climate change talks

By Katy Askew

Agricultural emissions have been flagged as a key issue ahead of the United Nations’ COP23 climate change talks, which will kick off in Bonn next week with the aim of developing a roadmap for implementing the Paris Agreement.

Pic: iStock/LindasPhotography. 26 Member States and 23 other countries were impacted by potential contamination of eggs and egg products

Fipronil proficiency test reveals concerns in one lab

By Joseph James Whitworth

EU labs were mostly able to determine correct fipronil content in eggs but one lab which analysed hundreds of samples since July performed so badly it could have resulted in false positive results.

Food Safety Recall round-up

Food Safety Recall round-up 26 October - 2 November 2017

Recalls: Staph, parasite and foriegn bodies

By Joseph James Whitworth

Recalls and alerts were made by UK, US, Ireland, Canada, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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