All news articles for August 24, 2017

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Brexit: Food sector warns on worker shortages

By Katy Askew

UK food makers have issued a warning on the “significant disruption” that will ensue if the sector is hit by a drop in the number of EU workers in the UK following Brexit.

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Should Europe follow in UK footsteps with childhood obesity strategy?

By David Burrows

As the UK’s childhood obesity strategy turned one last week, health campaigners lined up their critiques of the first 365 days. However, the government managed to sidestep any bad press by announcing an expansion of the plan’s focus (from sugar content...

Hilton expands in prepared foods with Polish venture

Hilton expands in prepared foods with Polish venture

By Katy Askew

UK meat packer Hilton Food Group is extending its reach in the processed foods sector thanks to an agreement to supply Tesco with fresh foods such as sandwiches, ready meals, soups and pizzas in Poland.

Danish Crown CEO Jais Valeur is excited by the opportunities in e-commerce

Danish Crown CEO on the 'perfect' Chinese market

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown has tapped into China’s booming e-commerce market as it boasts the “perfect combination” of factors needed to fuel economic growth, CEO Jais Valeur exclusively told this site.

Food safety recall round-up

Food safety recall round-up 18-24 August 2017

Recalls: Fipronil, milk and Listeria

By Joseph James Whitworth

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Denmark.


Europe leads in innovation as meat-free demand grows

By Katy Askew

Demand for alternative proteins – beyond traditional meat, fish and dairy sources – is expanding across Europe as consumers turn to products they view as healthier and more environmentally friendly and food makers work to drive excitement through innovation.

Quorn CEO talks growth, investment and innovation

Quorn CEO talks growth, investment and innovation

By Katy Askew

Quorn has been using a mix of R&D and marketing to ferment growth and capitalise on rising demand for meat-free products at home and overseas, CEO Kevin Brennan tells FoodNavigator.

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