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In a worse case scenario, Grexit could lead Greece’s GDP to decline 4-6% in 2015, and by 10%-14% in 2016, Solomon said.

Grexit could lead to export boom – or depression


A Greek exit from the euro could lead to a strong export boom – or it could lead to a depression and hurt eurozone growth, thus wiping out export demand, according to Euromonitor economist Daniel Solomon.

Rubis the lamb - bred to carry a jellyfish protein for the purposes of INRA's medical research programme - was sold by the abattoir and then most likely eaten in the Paris region last October.

GM 'jellyfish lamb' enters French food chain

By Niamh Michail

A genetically modified sheep carrying a jellyfish protein entered the French food system last year following what appears to have been a deliberate abattoir mix-up by a disgruntled employee, it was revealed last week.

“Our industry delivers one of society’s greatest traditions and pleasures. It is also a major positive contributor to the European economy,

FDE elects new president

By Niamh Michail

Gilles Morel, regional president for Europe and Eurasia of Mars Chocolate, has been elected president of FoodDrinkEurope for a three-year mandate.

Saudi Arabia aims to eliminate domestic wheat production to safeguard its water supplies

Saudi minister slams bread wastage

By Eliot Beer

The Saudi minister of agriculture has criticised the high level of wasted bread in the country, saying 35% is thrown away, during the opening of a new US$218m flour mill in Al-Jamoum.

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