New Atkins-style diet book promotes consumption of meat

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Nina Teicholz defends the consumption of red meat
Nina Teicholz defends the consumption of red meat

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Echoing the Atkins diet, a new book called The Big Fat Surprise has claimed that eating fat, including from red meat, can actually be beneficial to your health.

The book, by American investigative journalist Nina Teicholz, suggested that beliefs about the consumption of fat, particularly saturated fat, were false and that metabolising fats may lead to less fat being laid down than from eating carbohydrates from cereals and starch.

Based on a nine-year investigation, Teicholz questioned the effectiveness of low-fat diet advice, and posed the question: "But what if the low-fat diet is itself the problem? What if those exact foods we’ve been denying ourselves — the creamy cheeses, the sizzling steaks — are themselves the key to reversing the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease?"

Recently interviewed on UK broadcaster Channel 4 News, Teicholz said there had been significant research done over the past 12 years which had demonstrated that a high-fat diet, restricted in carbohydrates, was beneficial not just for weight but in terms of diabetes and heart disease risk.

In its report, Channel 4 News spoke to the founder of a gym in Notting Hill, London, where this theory is a guiding principle of its workout programme. Zana Morris, a nutritionist, personal trainer and founder of The Library Gym said the body switches from burning sugars as a fuel to burning fat, which means that the more fat you eat, the more your body goes into fat burning drive. However she was quick to point out that there were key rules to this diet and exercise programme, which included not eating if you were not hungry.

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