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Monsanto GM study fallout: Seralini stands firm over retraction

"We maintain our conclusions," says Seralini

Seralini stands firm as journal moves to retract GM rat study

By Nathan GRAY

The researcher behind a heavily criticised study linking Monsanto's GM maize and Roundup products to cancer in rats says he will not willingly withdraw the research, after the journal issued a 'withdraw or be retracted' ultimatum yesterday.

Research that linked genetically modified crops and Roundup with massive tumours in rats will be withdrawn, says the the journal which originally published the research.

Journal set to retract Seralini GM rat cancer study

By Nathan GRAY

A heavily criticised rat study that linked Monsanto's genetically modified maize and the herbicide Roundup to increased cancer risks is set to be withdrawn by the journal that published it.

Professor Ambroise Martin, head of EFSA's NDA health claims panel

EFSA health claims chief shares common dossier failures


Incomplete or selective reporting, high drop-out rates and unplanned post-hoc analyses are some of the common health claim submission failures, EFSA’s claims panel chief professor Ambroise Martin, PhD, told a congress last week.

What were Leatherhead's three highlights from the FiE new product zone?

dispatches from fie

Leatherhead’s top 3 new products at FiE

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Mushroom salt reduction, award-winning algal flour and musical taste buds, Leatherhead takes us through the top three new products at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE).

Clissman: “So the potential for growth in Europe is huge and we are starting to see the start of that growth but the way that active lifestyle is being interpreted in Europe is slightly different in Europe than in the US.”

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Protein has a big ‘ordinary’ future, says Glanbia


Irish dairy ingredients specialist Glanbia Nutritionals once filled its sights almost exclusively with the sports nutrition sector, but the explosion of interest in protein means the ‘ordinary’ mainstream food industry is a bigger and bigger target.

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