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Poor rice quality contributes to $3.39bn losses

Poor rice quality contributes to $3.39bn losses

By Rod Addy

Rice quality issues contribute to $3.39bn a year at least in global costs to the food industry from rice waste, significantly boosting the importance of quality testing.

The European Parliament will vote on PARNUTS changes on June 11

EU Parliament set for June 11 vote on PARNUTS reform


The long-awaited reform of EU rules governing ‘special’ foods like baby and gluten-free foods, is imminent with a June 11 vote to mandate the changes – and most stakeholders satisfied with the likely ratification.

That late night snack craving was evolved to be of benefit, but now it just makes us fat - suggest researchers

Study unlocks trigger for late-night snack cravings

By Nathan GRAY

An evolutionary trait that helped predecessors store energy in times of food scarcity may now be the driving factor behind obesity, say researchers studying the reason behind late-night snack cravings.

Stevia is a green plant orginating from the border area between Paraquay and Brazil

Stevia: The Holy Grail or fail for chocolate?


When stevia sealed EU novel foods approval in December 2011 it was heralded as the holy grail of sweeteners, but has it lived up to all the hype for chocolate?

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