Calorie dense, high-fat diet may accelerate cancer development

By Nathan Gray

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Calorie dense high-fat diet may accelerate cancer development
A high-fat, calorie rich diet could accelerate the development of pancreatic cancer, according to new research in mice.

"Our study showed that a high-fat, high-calorie diet could provide an environmental secondary hit and trigger cancer development,"​ said Dr Guido Eibl from the University of California, Los Angeles – who led the research.

"In mice, a diet high in fat and calories led to obesity and metabolic disturbances such as insulin resistance that are seen in obese humans. It also greatly enhanced pancreatic inflammation and pancreatic cancer development,"​ To understand the link between high fat diets and cancer Eibl and his colleagues first tested the hypothesis that diet itself can affect cancer.

They tested this by feeding a corn oil-based diet that had a high content of fat and calories to mice with a genetic mutation that caused them to develop pancreatic pre-cancer. The results showed that 90% of the mice fed the diet became obese, and all of these mice developed insulin resistance and inflammation in the pancreas.

Both of these conditions can stimulate the growth of pre-cancerous cells and cancer, said the research team.

"This suggests that the high-fat, high-calorie diet accelerated pancreatic cancer development,"​ said Eibl.

The researchers are now defining the how such inflammation could be accelerating the development of the cancer – and whether agents such as antidiabetic drugs or omega-3 rich fish oil can halt this disease process.

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Healthy Planet Diet

Posted by Paul Kemp,

It is already proven that diet and lifestyle changes are far more effective than anti-diabetic drugs such as Metformin. I think the mention of that avenue of research is just a ploy to get a pharmaceutical company to pay fo their future research.

The important results of this study -- which are supported by the findings of T.Colin Campbell, PhD, in his magnum opus, "The China Study", need to be emphasized -- a diet high in fat and animal protein is conducive to cancer growth.

The staple foods of a Western diet are, by themselves, carcinogenic. Humans are not set up to digest and survive on such a rich, high-fat, low-fiber diet -- not to mention all the potential environmental cancer-triggers that are omnipresent.

Thanks for reporting this important research finding!

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