Equipment synergy ensures rapid sauce processing times, claim firms

By Jane Byrne

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Pursuit Dynamics and Air Products claim that a new cooperation amalgamating their respective cooking and chilling technologies into a single line production unit can reduce cold fill sauce production time.

The collaboration between the processing equipment manufacturers was informed by both companies' commitment to reducing costs and increasing output for their customer base, according to a joint statement. Continuous processing​ The companies said that as the PDX Sonic system from Pursuit Dynamics enables rapid cooking and the Freshline Continuous Sauce Chiller from Air Products provides extremely fast chilling times, a synergy between the two technologies would offer sauce makers dramatically increased throughput capacity. "Where we see the advantage of the combined system for the customer is that the cooking and chilling of the sauce is now in one rapid, continuous process - a method which ensures substantial energy savings,"​ European marketing manager for Air Products, Emma Guthrie, told The chiller is designed to cool down mayonnaise, sauces and pastes in seconds using the Freshline Liquid Nitrogen Injection System, while the PDX Sonic works by accelerating steam to three times the speed of sound. This acceleration transfers heat and moving energy to soups, sauces, drinks and other liquids. Waste reduction"This system also enables minimization of waste by eliminating the need to transfer the product to an auxiliary freezer for chilling as required in the more conventional batch method,"​ added Guthrie. The companies also claim that the integrated unit reduces existing equipment footprint as it can be fitted easily into plants with limited floor space. Condiment trends​ The companies said that food processors that either manufacture sauces and pastes or add them to their end product can trial the combined line at Pursuit Dynamic's facility in Huntingdon to determine its effectiveness for their particular product's needs. The market for condiments, such as mayonnaise, has seen strong growth in recent years in Europe as the modern consumer is increasingly turning to convenient sauces and dressings to enhance their food. Overall, more than a million tonnes of sauces and dressings are sold in the five major markets of Europe (Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy and France) each year, valued at over 3 billion euros.

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