Spray system can reduce chemical reliance

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A new food contact surface cleaning system uses both
ozone and antibacterial sprays to maintain hygiene in processing

Amfil Technologies says that its mPact-5SC spray system offers a single step, portable solution for maintaining processing hygiene. It uses ozonated sprays to reduce chemical and labour requirements during the sanitisation of plants, the company claimed. With concerns over the use of chemicals such as chlorine within processing, ozone is generating considerable interest among manufacturers seeking a means of ensuring ultrapure and almost completely bacteria-free water. Because ozone is an unstable, highly reactive form of oxygen, it is 51 times as powerful as chlorine, the oxidizer most commonly used by most food processors, and 3,000 times as fast at killing bacteria and other microbes. Ozone use, which is accepted by the National Organic Program (NOP), also offers reduced energy costs for surface cleaning by eliminating the need for hot water during the process. Via its hand sprayer system, the Amfil system allows processors to apply simultaneously both high and low pressure ozone sprays that converge on to a surface. According to the company, this creates a dual action process that first clears an area of solids, oils, biofilms and organic material before the low pressure antibacterial spray sanitises the surface milliseconds later. The system also allows for each spray to be used as a single operation. By using just a single system, processors are able to reduce the number of steps needed during cleaning shifts, whilst cutting outlay on foamers, degreasers and hot water treatments that would otherwise be needed, claims Amfil. The mPact-5SC has also been designed to either connect to stationary spray bars or to a product whilst processing. The company says a number of beverage processors within the US are already testing the technology in a drive to reduce chemical use within their processing operations. With the testing ongoing, Amfil said it was confident that the product will be positively received by processors throughout the industry.

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