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Sensus is a well-established player in the inulin market, producing and marketing Frutafit® and Frutalose® inulin/fructo- oligosaccharides (FOS) worldwide. Frutafit® and Frutalose® are soluble dietary fibres with added health benefits, making them ideal ingredients for functional foods.
 In many parts of the world the problems related to overweight and obesity are increasing. In response to this, consumers demand tasty, convenient products that help manage their weight. Sensus' Frutafit® and Frutalose® inulin/fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are used as part of a balanced diet to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight. These soluble dietary fibres are slowly digestible carbs, have a low Glycaemic Index, and a low calorific value. As a result, they can be used in a wide variety of foodstuffs aimed at weight control. Frutafit® and Frutalose® are also used as a sugar and fat replacer, and have texturising properties, which make them ideal ingredients for applications in ice cream, bakery, dairy, and cereal bars. As prebiotic fibres, Frutafit® and Frutalose® provide added health benefits.
 With these innovative ingredients, Sensus develops inulin-based product ideas for the food industry. As a committed partner for the food industry, Sensus offers expertise and know-how in application, health nutrition, and the marketing of functional foods. Sensus inspires her customers through sharing knowledge, expertise and close collaboration.
 Product Line:

  • Frutalose®L60:
     FOS syrup with a high sweetness, ideal for sugar replacement


  • Frutalose® L85:
     FOS syrup, high in fibre and high in sweetness, for fibre enrichment and sugar replacement


  • Frutalose® L92:
     The sweet FOS syrup with maximum fibre content, excellent for fibre enrichment and sugar replacement.


  • Frutafit® CLR:
     Inulin/fructo-oligosaccharide powder with enhanced solubility


  • Frutafit® HD:
     Highly dispersable standard powdered inulin


  • Frutafit® IQ:
     Instantised version of powdered inulin


  • Frutafit® TEX!:
     Long chain, sugar free inulin with excellent texturising properties


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  • Fax: +31 165 567 796
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  • Address: Borchwerf 3, 4704RG, Roosendaal, Netherlands