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NutraInterview: Dominique Speleers, Beneo executive board member

Beneo: EFSA forced us to change our strategy

Dominique Speleers is a long-time Beneo man who has seen a lot in his 15 years with the European ingredients giant from back when it was Belgian inulin and chicory player...

ASA ruling

Hare today, gone tomorrow: Nestlé boots Nesquik healthy bunny claims after UK challenge

Nesquik is no longer "a great start to the day" after the UK advertising authority ruled the product too high in sugar to bear health claims. ...

Step away from the buffet: The recipe to eating a healthy festive dinner

It’s no secret that people eat more than usual during the festive season, but the buffet holds nutritional promise too. We visited a few...

Mothers' salt & sugar intake effects offspring long-term (but is gender specific): Study

A maternal diet high in salt and fructose has lasting effects on offspring in animals, researchers have found.

FoodNavigator 5: Top science stories of 2015

FoodNavigator reviews the five most-read science stories of 2015, a year, where processed meat bathed in the limelight of its carcinogenic status to the latest scientific data that suggested a...

RSPO to publish members’ plantation maps in wake of Indonesia’s forest fires

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will publish maps of all its members’ palm oil plantations – with the exception of Malaysia – in the hope closer monitoring will...

Readers' review of 2015

From trans fats to triathlons, PhDs to palm oil and quinoa to kittens, 2015 was YOUR year

It’s that time of the year when we look back and reflect on the highs and lows of the past 12 months – but this time we asked our readers...

What were FoodNavigator's top news stories of 2015?

Stay tuned in 2016 for more insight and in-depth coverage of the European food and beverage industry. In the meantime, click through the images for...

Study finds winning ‘thrill’ an able substitute for large food portions

The Happy Meal’s concept of offering a small incentive with a meal could be key in persuading consumers to choose smaller portion sizes and promote healthier meal options.

Substitution found in turkey product testing

Chicken, beef and pork substitution were found in 7% of turkey products, according to an analysis by Clear Food.

Free Live Sessions

Live debates: Nestlé and Mondelēz among ISM and ProSweets panelists

ConfectioneryNews is hosting three live debates at the world’s largest confectionery trade fair next year, featuring representatives from the industry’s biggest players.

Marketing to the ‘elderly’: Overcoming the taboo of getting old

There is a need for public health strategies and products to address Europe's rapidly ageing population – but how easy is it to market such products when nobody wants to admit...

Consumers buy more when recommended serving sizes are smaller

Nutrition values seen on labels can differ substantially based on the recommended serving size, with consumers buying more of the same product among one of a number of undesirable consumer...

Diabetes: understanding the adipose link

A newly published review in Nutrition Research Reviews details how adipose tissue (AT) dysfunction can contribute to diabetes and gives more strength to the view that AT is able to produce, store,...


What opportunities does the backlash against sugar create?

From links with obesity and type 2 diabetes to government taxes, sugar is currently experiencing a backlash. FoodNavigator met up with experts in the field at Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) to ask...

FoodNavigator's 2015 quiz of the year

So you think you know all there is to know about the European food industry in 2015? Let us put your knowledge to the test with our news quiz!

Exclusive interview

DuPont nutrition & health chief: We want to work with start-ups

DuPont’s nutrition & health president, Matthias Heinzel, tells NutraIngredients his multi-billion euro division wants to speed product-to-market time and is “totally open” to working with start-ups in open collaboration....

If private label is the innovator of tomorrow, how can brands compete?

Private label products have become the trusted brands of today and continuous innovation will ensure they remain so, says one analyst - but could it also hold some promise for...

What does COP21 mean for the food industry?

Et voilà – we have a global deal on carbon emissions. But what will be the impact of COP21 on food?

Lotus Bakeries acquires UK-based Bear snacks producer Urban Fresh Foods

Lotus Bakeries has revealed ambitions to become an international ‘category captain’ in healthy snacking after acquiring UK business Urban Fresh Foods, producer of Bear fruit snacks and cereals.

Special edition: Battling malnutrition. Exclusive with Nestlé head of public health nutrition

Nestlé: Profit is not a dirty word in the race against global malnutrition

Commercial and public health gain needn’t be opposed bedfellows in the battle against malnutrition among the world’s poorest people, says the chief of public health nutrition at the world’s biggest...

Special Edition: Battling Malnutrition

All in: Making malnutrition a global priority

Nutritional programmes and interventions are a starting point - but genuine multi-stakeholder involvement is what's required to tackle the world's problem of malnutrition and under nutrition.

Special edition: Food for kids

Healthy NPD should be the starting point for kids' food

The ‘good for you’ trend in children’s food is growing, and small companies would do well to focus on healthy new product development in order to compete with big players...

Will the UK have the guts to start a global campaign on obesity?

It’s a crisis that is costing the UK more than war, terrorism and armed violence according to a 2014 McKinsey & Company report, but if the UK has the opportunity...

Special edition: Food for kids

Study shows healthy eating programmes should target preschool years

The foods children define as a meal or snack is largely undetermined in their formative preschool years suggesting that eating and diet programs could use the findings of a new...

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