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FoodNavigator's 2012 news quiz

So you think you know all there is to know about the food industry in 2012? Let FoodNavigator put your knowledge to the test in this news quiz!

GM controversy, organic nutrition, sweetener and weight management: 2012’s top science under the microscope

It’s been a busy year in the food science arena, with a whole host of important and controversial findings that would affect the industry. FoodNavigator was there to break you...

Bad science: The studies we didn’t cover in 2012…

Every day FoodNavigator scans a heap of scientific journals to bring you all the latest research news relevant to your industry – but there’s a lot of dodgy research out...

2012 in food science: Is phosphorus the new trans-fat? HFCS, GMOs, organics, gluten sensitivity and measuring calories...

From new research into the relationship between excess dietary phosphorus and the risk of cardiovascular disease to questions over the accuracy of how we currently measure calories, 2012 was an...

News in brief

Premier renews £60M a year deal to make Cadbury cakes

Premier Foods has renewed its long-standing license to manufacture Cadbury-branded cake products until at least June 2017 as part of its plan to boost growth...

Researchers seek EU-wide exposure data for nutrients and contaminants

An EU-funded project is seeking dietary information from across the bloc to better assess exposure to contaminants and nutrients – and to harmonise data collection.

Looking back on 2012: The year in pictures

It's been another big year for the food industry, with food taxes, palm oil, GM maize, nutrition labelling and organics dominating the headlines. Check out our photo gallery with links to our...

Are all foods linked to cancer? Yes … but don’t worry, say researchers

There is evidence linking almost every food or ingredient to cancer, but don’t worry because the evidence for pretty much all of it is very weak, say researchers.

Heineken ‘disappointed’ by €200m cartel loss in last chance EU saloon

Heineken yesterday lost its final appeal against a European Commission decision to fine it around €200m ($264.7m) for alleged collusion in an illegal Dutch beer cartel, as the European Court...

Value engineering: Better food structure and improved ingredient delivery can reduce costs

Techniques employed by industry to slash levels of salt, fat and sugar in food could be better utilised to cost effectively manage the levels of other expensive ingredients in foods.

EFSA on caramel colours: Consumer exposure lower than previously estimated

Consumer exposure to three caramel colours used in a variety of food and drink applications is ‘considerably lower’ than a 2011 scientific opinion published by EFSA suggested, says the Authority.  ...

Frito-Lay technology slashes potato chip oil content by a third

Frito-Lay North America has filed an international patent for a method it has developed to reduce the oil content of potato chips by around a third.

Heineken, Carlsberg ratings will survive French beer tax: Moody’s Investment Service

Moody’s says it will not downgrade its ratings of Carlsberg and Heineken, despite the potential harm a massive French tax increase in January could pose to national beer sales.

Special edition: Reformulation

'Rollercoaster of pricing and availability' for key ingredients driving reformulation solutions: Ingredion

Increases in the price of key ingredients, or widely fluctuating prices, are driving reformulation efforts in the industry, with suppliers like Ingredion offering solutions to replace ingredients and cut costs.

5-minute festive flick

Happy holidays from William Reed Business Media!

The working year is almost done, time to pause from ‘the business’ and embrace the festive season…go on, give it a big hug. Happy holidays!

'Bad science' on soft drinks a fact of life: Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) CEO John Brock has taken a sideswipe at detractors of soft drink ingredients who he claims base negative comments on ‘bad science or no science’.

Lindt and Haribo Gold Teddy row to rumble all the way to German Supreme Court

Lindt and Haribo’s trademark battle over golden bears in Germany will drag on until a Supreme Court decision despite yesterday’s ruling in favour of Haribo, sources told this site....

European science agency backs GM pollen use in food

Europe’s top food safety regulator has delivered a scientific opinion backing Monsanto’s application to place genetically modified (GM) pollen on the market for use 'in or as foods.'...

Guest article

General Mills: We’ll only solve global food security challenge if we embrace open innovation

Can we feed nine billion people by 2050? Only if we embrace the principles of open innovation, says Jeff Bellairs, senior director of the General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN) ,...

Processed ready meals are healthier than TV chef recipes, UK study finds

Industry produced ready meals have come out on top in the nutrition stakes after researchers in the UK found recipes produced by TV chefs are on the whole ‘less healthy’...

Red Bull welcomes French court action to strike out energy drink tax

Red Bull has welcomed a ruling from France’s highest constitutional court striking-down the government’s plans to tax caffeine and taurine-rich energy drinks from 2013.

News in brief

Cheese recalled due to metal contamination

Two types of cheese have been withdrawn from three UK supermarkets after being found to be contaminated with pieces of metal.

Special edition: Reformulation

How to save cash, boost nutrition and clean up product labels…Tate & Lyle on win-win reformulation

Retail buyers, as every food and beverage manufacturer knows, want it all. Cleaner labels, an improved nutritional profile (lower fat, sugar and salt), great taste and texture - and an...

‘Snack foods’ linked to even higher cancer risk in susceptible people

Consumption of junk food and snacks could significantly increase the risk of certain cancers in people with a pre-defined high risk due to a genetic condition, warn researchers.

editor's comment

‘Drinkifying snacks’: PepsiCo mush or master stroke?

Despite giving us object lessons in corporate word wash, can PepsiCo pull off what seems like a slightly puzzling mission, namely a long-term plan to ‘drinkify' snacks and vice versa...

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