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Looking to the future: Creating novel foods using 3D printing

Techniques such as 3D printing, elctrospinning, and laser sintering could work together as one process, to produce whole products from raw components like algae protein, fat and starch, TNO predicts.

Further conflict in Ivory Coast could increase cocoa prices, Rabobank

With a larger crop and only modest growth in use, prices are expected to fall in 2011, according to Rabobank in its latest Agri Commodity market report. However further escalation...

FoodNavigator’s predictions for 2011

News-makers in the food world may have been on the quiet side this week, but the year is not quite over at FoodNavigator. For our last newsletter of the year,...

Colour and roughness influence whole grain bread liking: Study

Lightening the colour of whole grain breads could make products more appealing to consumers who would otherwise be more inclined to buy refined wheat bread products, indicates a new study.

‘Hyperallergenic’ functional foods raise protein concerns

Advances in food technology bring new challenges for allergy sufferers, regulators and industry, finds a new study, as proteins are can be unexpectedly present in functional foods.

EC failing to see urgency of sugar shortage in bloc, CIUS

The Commission is failing to recognise the urgency of the sugar supply deficit in the EU in its deferral of a decision regarding the hike in the sugar export quota...

Researchers find way of protecting anthocyanins in isotonic drinks

A combination of maltodextrin and arabic gum reduces degradation and protects the pigments of anthocyanins added to isotonic soft drinks, finds new research.

News in brief

Chr. Hansen develops SuperFreezer for culture transport

Chr. Hansen has developed a new container for transporting cultures at a constant temperature of minus 60 Cº, which it says slashes CO2 emissions compared to air freight.

Acrylamide absorption not influenced by food type, suggests rat study

New research has suggested that acrylamide formed in different types of food has the same levels of up take in the body.

Rectory Foods ready for 2011 with group structure and move

UK poultry and ingredients firm Rectory is preparing for a new growth spurt with a move into a central Manchester location and a corporate restructuring to create Rectory Food Group...

EFSA health claim opinion

GSK ‘toothkind’ drinks win positive EFSA health claim opinion

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is celebrating a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for a health claim related to its ‘toothkind’ drinks that moves into comparative territory.

TNO seeks partners to commericalise fibre based bread improver

Bakery ingredient suppliers are the target of a licensing deal for a fibre based bread improver that can be used to address salt reduction formulation challenges, claims Dutch research group,...

Joint venture to establish Nigerian ingredients business

PZ Cussons has spied opportunities in edible oils and spreads in Nigeria, and has established a two-pronged joint venture with Wilmar International to ensure the necessary ingredients will be available...

Sea salt variations may aid reformulation: Study

Certain sea salts with high salty flavour intensity or lower sodium content may be used to lower sodium levels in food formulations, according to new research.

European food safety bodies to share expertise

The German, French and Danish food safety bodies have signed up to a new cooperation agreement to share findings of food safety studies and avoid duplication of research between experts.

News in brief

Novozymes to buy Merck Crop BioScience

Novozymes looks set to bolster its BioAg business with the planned acquisition of Merck’s Crop BioScience for US$275m.


The food industry in 2010: A retrospective

As 2010 draws to a close, our journalists look back at the issues that have topped agendas across the food, beverage and dietary supplements industries in the last 12 months....

Cultural differences in consumer perceptions of ‘creaminess’: Study

The way consumers interpret words relating to complex senses, like ‘creaminess’, may have important cultural differences – even in people who speak the same language, according to a new study.

Stern-Wywiol sets up Brazilian affiliate

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has set up a new company to tap opportunities in the Brazilian food and beverage industry, offering initially flour and bakery ingredients from its Mühlenchemie and DeutscheBack businesses....

Tastes and textures associated with specific sounds and shapes, finds study

Certain flavours and textures are better suited to high-pitched sounds and angular graphics, while others suit soft sounds and rounded graphics, finds a new study that could help marketers develop...

Health awareness fuels innovation in Japanese confectionery market

Health concerns are fuelling innovation in the Japanese functional confectionery market, according to research from Datamonitor.

News in brief

DSM bumps vitamin D3 price 10 per cent

DSM Nutritional Products has increased the price of vitamin D3 by at least 10 per cent in all its global markets.

Dubai site helps Symrise gain access to key Middle Eastern markets

Flavourings supplier Symrise claims it is now in a leading position for serving local clients in bakery and confectionery goods in the Middle East after establishing its own manufacturing site...

EFSA conducts reviews and braces for more dossiers

EFSA will open up its doors to external review and evaluation in 2011, as its mandate has evolved considerably over the last five years and structural changes may be required.

Breath tests may lead to better reformulation: Study

Optimising product reformulation for flavour intensity and release times may be achievable through the testing of exhaled aroma compounds, according to a new study.

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