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Top consumer trends for 2006

As the year draws to a close, analysts predict next year's biggest trends in food retail.

Carrefour plans Polish expansion

The world's second largest food retailer plans to double its store numbers in Poland over the next five years by investing between PLZ250-300million (€65-78m) on an annual basis. ...

Christmas feature

Food: the adult love affair

Ask any child what's most important about Christmas and you're almost sure to hear it's presents, or Santa Claus, or school holidays. But certainly not food.

Christmas feature

The old Christmas pudding

The Puritans described its rich ingredients as "unfit for God-fearing people". The Quakers referred to it as "the invention of the scarlet whore of Babylon ". Who would have thought...

Danisco Sugar gets ISO 22000

Danisco's sugar factory in Assens, Denmark, has been certified to the new ISO 22000, one of the first ingredient firms to get the safety approval released in September this year.

UK organic market doubled, says new report

Sales of organic food and drink in the UK have doubled in recent years, with strong growth set to continue into the future, as the market remains "wide open for...

Sainsbury's push for growth

The UK's third largest retailer has revealed ambitious plans to double the amount of new space it opens each year, in a bid to cut Tesco's lead in the battle...

Europe-wide organic labelling is on the way

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for new regulations for organic production and labelling, which makes the use of the EU logo or wording obligatory for all organic food...

Christmas Feature

The festive food frenzy

0600 hours, 24 December - touched down on planet earth, life force appears rounded and inert.

Christmas Feature

Evolution of the Christmas dinner

Humble pie, stuffed peacock and sugar mice have left our Christmas tables seemingly never to return. But what was it that forever pushed such dishes from our hearts and feasting?

Combining food additives could harm nervous system, study

The combination of common food additives could interfere with the development of the nervous system, raising new concerns about the health implications of children's diets, according to a new report...

CASH raises awareness of salt dangers of African Caribbeans

Some UK ethnic groups are at an increased risk of suffering ill effects as a result of too much salt according to CASH, which is making the African Caribbean population...

Convenience trend driving demand for coated foods

Coated foods, particularly fish and cheese, will see significant growth over the next four years, despite the general consumer perception that they are unhealthy.

Christmas feature

The sum of chocolate

Chocoholics rejoice: 2005 was the year it became clear chocolate really is good for you. But before Christmas ushers in a race to cram the candy, reflect a moment on...

Christmeas feature

Anyone for a reindeer roast?

All those who still believe in Santa, stop reading here. For his sledge-pulling reindeer, Dancer, Prancer, and Rudolph, have long been consumed in a tasty stew.

ADM soy protein promises better quality meat products

A new injectable soya protein designed for use in meat products could help increase shelf life and cooking yields, while also improving the texture of products, says supplier Archer Daniels...

UK recalls French camembert in E-coli scare

A dangerous strain of E-coli is feared to have contaminated camembert cheese sold by more than 100 British retailers, including supermarket chain Waitrose, said the country's food watchdog late Monday.

Sugar blocks pain in sweet-toothed children, study

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down - but only if the child likes sweet foods and is not overweight, say US researchers.

Christmas feature

The chemistry of delicious

If only they taught chemistry in schools as it happens at Christmas tables across Europe. For here lies the secret of delicious. Come next weekend, the centrepiece from north to...

Christmas feature

Wassail away your Christmas

Forget the family 'bored' games this Christmas. It's time to get down to the local orchard with a slice of toast, a loaded gun and a big bowl of steaming...

Genencor swells sales at Danisco

Leading ingredients group Danisco posted a 21 per cent rise in sales for the first six months thanks to the acquisition of enzyme business Genencor and organic growth in cultures...

Food temperature affects taste, reveal scientists

A new study reveals why our taste perception is enhanced as the temperature of food and beverage products increases, explaining why beer is more bitter and ice cream is sweeter...

EFSA starts aspartame study evaluation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has received the primary data for Ramazzini Foudation's recent study on the sweetener aspartame and is commencing its risk assessment as a matter of...

Europe's dairy sector cautious on export subsidy cuts

The last-minute deal to scrap export subsidies by 2013, agreed at last week's WTO meeting, has been greeted with a sense of inevitability and caution in Europe's dairy sector.

Phytosterols ingredient seeks UK approval

The UK's Food Standards Agency has received an application for a phytosterols ingredient to be approved as 'substantially equivalent' to one already on the market.

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