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Who can win an EU immunity claim? Yeast beta-glucan can?

German yeast specialist Leiber possesses the only immune health claim in the EU assessment system at the moment. But why should its beta-glucan yeast succeed when it has already failed...


Yogurt culture ensures taste and texture throughout shelf life - DSM

DSM has developed a new yogurt culture - DelvoYog Very Mild - which delays the onset of post acidification, assuring “optimal taste and texture” throughout the shelf life of yogurt products....

News in brief

Ingredia goes functional to close in on customer “expectations and activity”

French supplier has brought its added value dairy activity and functional food units under one roof – Ingredia Functional.

Guar gum buyers aren’t buying, sellers aren’t selling: Industry expert

Guar gum prices have dropped a long way from peaks of $20 to $25 a kilo – but there is now a standoff between buyers and sellers, according to hydrocolloids...

World Bank warns of a ‘new norm’ of high food prices

High and volatile food prices are on track to become the ‘new normal’, according to the World Bank, which has urged action to support sustainable agriculture, nutrition programmes and safety...

Companies may need regulatory push on acrylamide reduction, says Zeracryl

Norwegian firm Zeracryl AS has completed full scale testing of its patented acrylamide reduction process to reduce acrylamide in French fries by up to 90% - but it says companies...

News in brief

Premier Foods’ Hovis boss quits after a year

The md of Premier Foods’ bakery division, Iwan Williams, has resigned from his position, the week after the firm revealed plans to close two bakeries in Birmingham and London with...

Beneo thinktank produces ‘Tooth-friendly’ and fibre-boosting sweets

Belgian supplier Beneo’s dessert thinktank is showing off some product concepts using sugar-free, ‘tooth-friendly’ isomalt and an already launched oligofructose-stevia blends for functional fibre candy.

Royal Wessanen to cut 300 jobs

Netherlands-based food company Royal Wessanen has said it will cut about 300 jobs in Europe as part of a cost reduction and restructuring programme, as it aims to adapt to...

Healthy indulgence: What’s possible in chocolate reformulation?

Consumers have high expectations of chocolate in terms of taste and mouthfeel – so how easy is it to tinker with chocolate formulations to create an indulgent product that also...

EU rejects Séralini study linking GM maize and cancer

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a final rejection of the French study linking genetically modified (GM) maize and Roundup herbicide with increased cancer risk, saying it had...

‘More salt than seawater’ – Study slams UK cheese salt content

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has called on the UK Department of Health to set lower salt content targets for cheese manufacturers, after a study discovered some cheese...

News in brief

FMC BioPolymer raises global hydrocolloid prices by up to 15%

Global prices for a range of hydrocolloids, including microcrystalline cellulose, carrageenan, alginate products and other gums, have been raised by up to 15% by FMC BioPolymer.

Hot New Beverage Concepts for 2013: Episode One

The CEO of beverage development and innovation company MyDrink Beverages tells why his firm's new non-alcoholic beverage concepts for 2013 could take the market by storm...

Sweeteners linked to higher weight gain: Rat study

Consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame could lead to increases in weight, according to new data in rats.

News in brief

EFSA holds meeting with NGOs on genetically modified organisms

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) held its sixth annual meeting with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) yesterday, in order to update participants about the latest scientific...

Norwegian dairy calls for action to avoid Christmas butter shortage

Norwegian dairy giant TINE has called upon the country’s government to reduce customs duties on butter imports to avoid a potential shortage over the Christmas period.

‘Wikipedia-like’ information portal targets collaboration between industry and scientists

Researchers are developing a Wikipedia-like information platform that aims to translate scientific research into information the food industry can use to spur innovation, according to ttz Bremerhaven project manager Annika...

Synergies and mint trends: Wild and AM Todd one year on…

It has been a year since Wild’s acquisition of US-based mint specialist AM Todd and the flavours and ingredients firm says the deal has borne fruit on several levels –...

John West rolls out can tracking scheme

John West has rolled out its Can Tracker scheme to include salmon, mackerel and sardine products by 2013, building on the launch of the service for tuna in 2011.

Greencore reports ‘breakthrough year’

Chilled food manufacturer Greencore has reported “a breakthrough year”, with revenue up 44.5% to £1,161.9M due to acquisitions and “business momentum”, for the full year to September 28 2012.

Agropur to invest $100m in US whey processing

Canadian dairy processor Agropur plans to invest more than $100m in a US whey processing facility to increase the plant’s capacity and upgrade existing technology.

Stevia has ‘fundamentally changed the sweetener market’: ISC president

Consumers around the world are embracing the zero-calorie, natural credentials of stevia-derived sweeteners – and the European market is about to take off, according to Zanna McFerson, president of the...

Organic claims leave a sour taste when it comes to functional health, says study

Organic logos and claims generally have positive effects on consumers, but even the most positive supporter has negative inferences towards organic products when they are judged on functional health benefits,...

Areas of action to prevent foodborne illness identified at BfR conference

A panel of scientists have identified hygiene, diagnostic methods and outbreak investigations as key areas that need action to prevent foodborne infections.

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