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A new dawn for funky fruit and veg

Michael Mann discusses the implications of the ending of EU legislation regulating the size and shape of fruit and veg.

EFSA confirms 14 flavouring substances pose no safety risk

 14 out of 26 assessed food flavouring substances are safe for human consumption at estimated current intake levels, according to a new scientific opinion from EFSA.

Meat-cancer links curbing processed meat intakes: Charity survey

UK consumers are reducing their consumption of processed meat and meat products following media coverage of a study linking the meats to increased risks of bowel cancer.

Nano group focuses on Wow emulsions

Leatherhead Food International (LFI) is investigating the potential of novel and emerging technologies for emulsions which could help food manufacturers reduce fat content of products without sacrificing mouth-feel.

Spotlight on UK food and drink firms' green initiatives

UK food and drink manufacturers have reduced their CO2 emissions by 17 per cent since 1990, which translates as an average of 58,000 tonnes less carbon dixoide (CO2) annually, claims the FDF. 

SMEs set to benefit from amendments to EU food labelling proposal

The draft report on the European Commission’s proposal for the provision of food information to consumers in the EU suggests substantial amendments which would offer small- to medium-sized enterprises...

Clean-label, cheap fat replacers developed by TNO

Spreadable gels made from superheating starch and then cooling it may lead to inexpensive fat replacers, scientists from TNO Quality of Life tell FoodNavigator.

Investigation finds oats illegally labelled organic

Batches of organic oats being sold in the UK could be flouting the law after an investigation found they contain the pesticides Chlormequat or Glyphosate, according to the Soil Association.

Rosehip extract developed for new product opportunities

Afriplex has launched a new rosehip extract which it hopes will take the ingredient beyond typical applications such as tea and tablets to products such as cereals, fruit bars and...

EU-wide labelling study launched

 A new research project is aiming to be the first Europe-wide study of the various food labelling schemes and their effects on consumer dietary habits through a unique observation of...

Australian dairy eyes functional focus funding

The Australian dairy industry continues to target product innovation with a new grant specifically designed to encourage innovative new ways of thermal and non-thermal processing and producing fermented foods and...

News in brief

Unilever supports brands with dry foods centre

Unilever has opened a new Centre of Excellent Dry Foods in Germany, which will be the hub of R&D on bouillon, seasonings, soups, sauces and mealkits to support its brands....

Industry response to additive, enzyme regulation adoption

Additive and enzyme associations have welcomed the adoption of the new FIAP package on additives, flavourings and enzymes – but concern remains about the Southampton colours warning.

Education builds taste for cranberries in the south

Introducing foods not previously well known in a market is no easy feat for a distributor, but the firm charged with building support for cranberries in southern Europe is putting...

Chocolate covered bacon or chicken skin? Sophisticated, says Mintel

Chocolate consumers are becoming more adventurous, enjoying darker, more unusual flavour combinations with higher cocoa percentages, according to Mintel.

Organic sales set to slip, says Mintel

A new survey from Mintel shows that seeking out organic food is slipping down consumers’ ethical agenda as the credit crunch begins to bite.

Skullduggery and currency take their toll at Greencore

Greencore’s ingredients division helped the Irish firm achieve reasonable results, as the convenience foods division was hit by a cost concealment issue in its mineral water accounting.

Low-protein wheat yield puts squeeze on UK bread flour supply

The price of bread flour looks set to soar after cereal quality survey results from the Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) showed UK wheat quality to be lower than previously...

Allura Red up for EFSA review in early '09

Allura Red is due to go up for discussion by the EFSA’s food additives panel in January, as the food safety agency fast tracks assessment of the ‘Southampton six’ in...

Beverages meet legal preservative limits, says UK survey

Soft drinks on sale in the UK were seen to have a near 100 per cent compliance with maximum levels of benzoates and sorbates used as preservatives, a survey by...

Baobab to hit the big time next year, predicts Mintel

Dried baobab pulp, which gained novel foods approval for the EU in June, could be the headline superfruit of 2009, according to Mintel.


Conjuring with calories: Regulation and labeling changes

There was something magical about the recent news that the caloric value of both gum arabic and erythritol have been officially lowered, but whether it turns out to be a...

Austrian ministry links GM corn to infertility

Consumption of genetically modified corn may lead to infertility, according to a new study commissioned by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, and carried out by Veterinary...

News in brief

Danisco spies opportunities in xylitol health claim

Danisco has welcomed the approval of a ‘very strong’ health claim that xylitol chewing gum reduces the risk of caries in children, saying it now puts its customers in a...

Combining and explaining texture effects

Cargill Texturizing Solutions' regional director explains how combinations of texturisers can produce the required effect in foods, and how texture descriptions like 'velvety' and 'crunchy' now crop up in promotional...

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