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EC comments on Codex draft food additives standard

The EC has commented on Codex's draft standard for fat spreads and blended spreads - food additives section.

Danone set to build on profits growth

Groupe Danone presented what it described as a "solid track record of profitable growth" at this week's annual investors seminar in New York.

'Illegal' GM rice strain gains approval

As expected, the US has approved the genetically modified rice variety at the heart of a contamination scandal in Europe.

Amidated pectins to boost fish gel properties

Ammonia-treated pectins could boost the mechanical and functional properties of fish gels, with no perceptible colour changes, and enhance the nutritional profile of underutilised fish species.

Fruit and veg gaining value for China

China, producer of half the world's fruit and vegetables, is set to overtake the Netherlands in the next two to three years to become the world's third biggest fresh produce...

Wild targets low sugar fruit drinks sector

Wild has launched a new beverage concept designed to tap demand for less sweet alternatives to traditional soft drinks.

Danone's beautiful designs for functional yoghurts

Danone is planning to introduce a new line of cosmetic yoghurts next year, according to press reports, as it seeks the next level of differentiation in the increasingly competitive functional...

'Record' year for cocoa crops

The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) has revised its gloomy cocoa estimate of a 5,000 tonne deficit to predict a global surplus of 80,000 tonnes of cocoa in the coming year,...

Peanut gene breakthrough may lead to allergen free nuts

Scientists have identified a new gene in peanuts that codes for a protein with no apparent allergic effects, research that opens up the possibility of allergen-free GM nuts.

Enzyme breakthrough could help protect crops

An antibiotic-producing enzyme in oats could be used to protect major cereal crops from fungal diseases.

Weekly comment

Folic acid: Sisters aren't doing it for themselves

When the idea of fortifying staple foods with vital nutrients is raised, the battlecry goes up from industry groups and advocates of consumer choice: "Why should we bear the costs?"...

Purac announces lactic acid price hike

Purac has announced sales price increases for lactic acid, lactates, gluconic acid, gluconates and lactitol.

Oleic acid-rich soybeans offer trans-fat free alternatives

Test results of oleic acid-rich soybean varieties are in, and the results are very positive, say the researchers behind the new varieties, giving industry access to new soybean oils with...

Countries accused of 'hypocrisy' over global free trade

Developed countries - with the notable exception of the UK - have been paying lip service to the notion of free markets, claims the UK's CBI.

Vitiva makes Inolens as carotenoid stabiliser

Vitiva is introducing a new variant of its Inolens rosemary extract aimed at boosting stability of carotenoids and other natural colourings, without the need for synthetic preservatives.

Enzymatic modification to boost wheat gluten gelling

Modifying wheat gluten protein with transglutaminase enzymes improves the gelling, rheological and textural properties, claim Chinese researchers - a result that may offer value-added solutions for a wide range of...

Quest launches 'real fruit' flavour range

Quest International, the flavour firm recently acquired by Givaudan, has launched a new range of fruit flavours based on components that 'precisely replicate the flavours of real fruit at various...

Synergy expands added-value ingredient potential

Synergy has completed a €5 million production facility investment in order to meet growing demand for a number of value-added ingredients.

Vitamin and mineral levels: moving calmly towards concensus

EU stakeholders are moving closer to consensus over the setting of maximum vitamin and mineral levels for the EU, said speakers at Friday's EHPM/ERNA conference in Brussels, which unfolded without...

UK food ad restrictions 'could affect sales'

New food advertising restrictions in the UK will have a major impact on the market and could affect sales, according to law firm Eversheds.

Scientists look to 'desensitise' kids to food allergens

Feeding small amounts of a food allergen to children could build up tolerance and eventually lose their allergy, US-based researchers have said based on a study on kids with egg...

DSM Savory Ingredients launches US technical support center

Ingredients group DSM has set up a North American center of technical support for its Savory Ingredients business, designed to bolster its technical strength within the region, the firm announced...

Parmalat banks instructed to reach settlement

Banks and auditors accused of contributing to Parmalat's €14 billion accounting scandal have been ordered to discuss reaching a settlement.

Energy drinks market continues to sparkle

West Europe's energy drink sales accelerated by 15 per cent to a volume of 383 million litres and a value of over €3 billion in 2005, according to drinks consultancy Zenith International.

FDF criticises new food marketing report

The UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has criticised a newly published report on food marketing, claiming it is 'not in the spirit of partnership'.

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