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October quiz: How clued up are you on this month's food industry news?

Why did Nestlé trim down its 2015 growth forecast? How much is the UK bakery sector set to grow? And what's on the WHO's cancer list apart from sausages and bacon?

Breast milk carbohydrates may prime babies for later obesity

Obese mothers may be paving the way for later obesity in their children through the transmission of ‘non-nutritious carbohydrates’ in breast milk, say researchers.

Italian company Newlat acquires Kraft Heinz factory

Italian milk and wheat company Newlat has acquired Kraft Heinz’s infant and health foods manufacturing plant in Parma for an undisclosed sum.

Low-fat diet ‘ineffective’ for long-term weight loss

A low-fat diet does not lead to greater long term weight loss than higher-fat diets including low-carb and Mediterranean style diets, finds a large meta-analysis of more than 68,000 adults.

Vitamin E improves bone density for women but not men: Study

Greater dietary intakes and blood levels of vitamin E are associated with greater bone mineral density (BMD) in women but not men, Chinese research in over 3000 adults has found.

EU Parliament votes in new novel food rules – or did it?

New rules on novel food were finally voted in yesterday in a European Parliament plenary, while some confusion remains about the adoption of certain amendments.

EU sugar reform will damage public health, warn researchers

The EU sugar reform will harm public health by flooding the market with cheap sugar and tempting manufacturers to reformulate – an agricultural policy that takes into account public health is needed,...

Counterfeit food and beverages detained jumps 50%

Foodstuffs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages detained by EU customs authorities jumped more than 50% over a one year period.

World first standard for sustainable rice launched

This week has seen the launch of the world's first United Nations-backed standard for sustainable rice cultivation.

Guest article

The low fibre intake problem: is packaged food the culprit or the key?

Fibre may not be a sexy nutrient, but that shouldn't stop its rise, says Lauren Bandy, senior nutrition analyst at Euromonitor International, in this guest article.

Food manufacturers ahead of waste reduction targets

Food manufacturers and retailers are ahead of the game when it comes to meeting waste reduction targets, a Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) report has found.

Plant-based meat that matches steak for texture: 'The technology is unique in the world'

Using a unique manufacturing process, Dutch food technologists have developed a plant-based protein that can match the texture of steak and is the most sustainable of all meat alternatives, they...

Is RSPO certification becoming irrelevant?

Companies are increasingly demanding certified palm oil using criteria that are stricter than current RSPO standards – does the mean the RSPO certification is in danger of becoming irrelevant?

Cargill continues to expand markets for erythritol with flavor applications

Cargill’s new positioning of its erythritol as a flavor opens up new avenues for the ingredient which up to now has mostly been pigeonholed as a bulk sweetener, the company...

European Parliament votes down draft GM proposal

The European Parliament has rejected the European Commission’s current proposals to allow individual countries to restrict or ban the sale and use of already approved genetically modified food and feed....

Ornua to merge cheese businesses

Irish dairy co-operative Ornua will merge two of its UK-based businesses, Meadow Cheese and The Cheese Warehouse, in January 2016 in a bid to boost its market position, it has revealed.

Botanical health claims & nutrient profiles make Commission’s list of 2016 priorities

Botanical health claims and nutrient profiles will be looked at as one of the European Commission’s key 23 initiatives next year.

In the firing line: Can cutting sugar benefit health ‘within 10 days’?

New research suggests obese children can rapidly improve markers of metabolic health by reducing sugar but not calories; however experts have issued caution over the quality of the study.

Researchers tip new dietary fibres for battle against obesity

Resistant glucan and hydrogenated resistant glucan with low digestibility may offer a promising new strategy against obesity-related diseases, Japanese research in rats has suggested. 


Processed meat and cancer: Let's cut the nonsense

After reviewing years of research that had suggested a link, yesterday the WHO classified processed meat as carcinogenic. Cue sensationalist headlines and huge industry backlash against these ‘obviously biased claims’....

Eating more fruit and veg in youth linked to healthy heart decades later

Consuming more fruits and vegetables as a young adult could keep you free of heart disease 20 years later, say researchers.

Mars to source 100% of its rice sustainably

Food giant Mars has said it will sustainably source 100% of its rice by 2020.

Era of negative claims over? Colored with fruit and veg claim can replace no artificials label, says GNT

Candy makers using natural coloring foods should dump negative no artificial colors on-pack claims, says supplier GNT.

Centre to help food industry reduce costs and environmental footprint

Food and drink manufacturers could reduce costs and improve their environmental footprint by developing new sustainable technologies as a result of the UK’s first big data centre of excellence for...

Savoury ice cream flavours tipped to be big

Olive oil, black pepper, bread and cheese - restaurants and artisan ice cream makers are finding success with savoury flavours but will European manufacturers and retailers follow?

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