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Future Food Salons turn Westerners on to ‘ancient’ notion of insects as food

Never mind that insects have protein levels comparable chicken or beef, are low in cholesterol, high in omega-3s and essential minerals like iron; or that they require a fraction of...

Special edition: Trends in fats and oils

Fats and oils are no longer shunned as the dietary bad guys they once were – as long as they are used in moderation. So where does the science stand...

Baked blueberries may have altered polyphenol content warn researchers

Baking blueberries could lead to changes their polyphenol content, and alter the potential health benefits of the 'superfood', according to new research.

Irish Dairy Board invests $27m in Saudi halal cheese production

The Irish Dairy Board (IDB) has invested €20m ($27m) in a dairy manufacturing and technology facility in Saudi Arabia, “to access the important dairy growth markets in the Middle East...

'Still room' for indulgence in flavored milk category, says Mr Sherick’s chief

Despite becoming “a bit of an elephant in the room”, indulgence still plays a large part in decision-making processes at retail level, the creator of new British milkshake brand, Mr Sherick's, has...

Fat functionality: Why can't we just swap bad fats for good ones?

With huge consumer and political pressure to reduce levels of 'bad fats', and soaring demand for healthier foods containing 'good fats' like omega-3's, FoodNavigator asks why we can't simply switch...

COOL labelling a ‘nightmare vision’ for fats and oils industry

Country of origin labelling is among the top concerns for the European fats and oils industry, according to FEDIOL, the federation representing the European vegetable oil and proteinmeal industry.

News in brief

Mixed bag for Halloween confectionery in Europe

Halloween confectionery sales are expected to grow in line with the overall market in Europe, but there are notably differences among EU countries, according to industry association Caobisco.

Nesquik website drops ‘wholesome’ claims after ASA investigation

Nestlé has removed claims from its Nesquik UK website after investigation from the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), although the ASA has not upheld a complaint.

European halal: A tale of diverging standards, foreign influence and religious fraction

A centralised standard for halal products in Europe is needed to combat the "really chaotic" current situation, according to a professor who has written extensively on the topic of halal regulation. ...

How sustainable is Europe’s use of vegetable oils?

Increasing incomes around the world have increased demand for vegetable oils in processed foods – but how sustainable are our consumption habits?

Frying temperatures key for flaxseed wheat chips: Study

Wheat chips can be fortified with flaxseed but frying temperatures must be high to counteract textural and taste impacts, research shows.

News in brief

Unilever and Manchester Uni R&D link-up

Unilever and Manchester University have announced a long-term R&D link-up, making the school one of the firm’s six key research centres.

Dietary fats: The good, the bad and the ugly...

The possible risks - and benefits - of eating different dietary fats is one of the most hotly debated and controversial areas in our industry. So just where do we...

Ingredient can open up market for high-protein drinking yogurt: Arla

Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has unveiled the latest addition to its Nutrilac range – a whey protein ingredient designed to overcome the viscosity issues experienced when increasing the protein content...

Exclusive interview

Taste beyond flavour: How colour, texture and environment influence taste perception

The way we taste foods is actually far more complex than their flavour alone. Neuroscientist Professor Charles Spence discusses how the shape, smell and colour of a food, its packaging,...

Yantai Andre Pectin increases pectin prices on raw material shortage

Yantai Andre Pectin has increased its pectin prices by 10-20% across all markets, after citrus peel and apple pomace supply has dwindled.

News in brief

AAK chocolate & confectionery fats business sees recovery

Swedish ingredients supplier AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) has reported record Q3 operating profit as its chocolate & confectionery fats segment made a recovery.

Increased sugary soda consumption may be balanced by lower caloric intake, study finds

Obese women who are given additional soft drinks in their diet voluntarily respond by reducing other calories consumed, according to new research backed by Sugar Nutrition UK.

Protein source crucial to quality of gluten-free sweet baked goods: Study

The proteins in a formulation can drastically impact the quality and texture of gluten-free baked goods and therefore must be selected wisely, suggest researchers.

Global yeast market could be worth $5.1bn by 2016

Increasing demand for specialised yeast to improve food and drink quality are driving rapid growth in the global yeast market , which could grow 75% on 2010 levels to reach...

What key trends will be driving the food and drink industry in 2014?

Market research firm RTS Resource says natural highs, one-step convenience, foraged ingredients, flavour-full benefits and next generation proteins are the five key food and drink trends to watch in the...

Mediterranean diet may protect against cognitive decline, depression and stroke: Meta-analysis

Adherence to a Mediterranean diet may contribute to the prevention of a variety of conditions linked to the aging brain, including cognitive decline, depression and stroke, say researchers.


The term ‘food addiction’ makes us all addicts

A new theory that seems to be gaining momentum on the obesity front is food addiction. Apparently the world’s expanding waistline is as result of so many of us being...

Nutritional labelling requires nutrient level reference points, says study

Consumers may only benefit from nutritional labelling schemes that use reference point information at the nutrient level, warn researchers who find that only this information can have a 'significant' impact...

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