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Mane launches new range of umami flavours

French flavour firm Mane is targeting health friendly food applications with its new range of umami flavours with no added MSG.

Special edition: R&D

Lack of R&D puts EU food sector at risk

Europe’s food and drink sector is lagging behind the competition because of investments in R&D have stagnated since 2006, warns the CIAA.

UK pumps £4.2m into food and drink training

A new £4.2m funding project will cover 50 per cent of employee training costs in the UK food and drink industry and aims to deliver flexible training courses in addition...

Sugar-sweetened drink’s diabetes link ‘clear and consistent’: Meta-analysis

Regular consumption of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with a clear and consistently greater risk of metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes, according to a meta-analysis of 11 published studies.

Healthy, natural food demand drives carotenoids market: GIA report

Strong growth is expected in the global carotenoids market due to increased research into health benefits and consumer interest in natural foods, according to a new report from Global Industry...

News in brief

Danisco gains Halal certification for meat cultures

Danisco’s is now able to offer cured processed meat cultures for Halal foods, following the certification of its plant in Dangé Saint Romain, France.

Lecithins may reduce acrylamide formation: Study

Amino phospholipids and commercially available lecithins such as egg and soybean may reduce the formation of acrylamide, according to new research.

Warning that sugar prices could surge to 30-year high

The leading traders of physical raw sugar claim that the commodity is likely to surge to a 30-year high in the coming months, with all eyes on the pending Indian...

FDF allergen guide aims to curb excess ‘may contain’ labelling

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) in the UK has published an allergen guidance paper that aims to curb excessive use of precautionary ‘may contain’ labelling.

Beverage makers to benefit from new citrus research

Beverage manufacturers will next year benefit from new research into consumer perception of flavour in citrus drinks, thanks to a project currently underway at Leatherhead Food International.

UK stock market regulation crucial to food prices, say economists

Regulating food speculation in the City of London is the lynchpin to preventing volatility over food prices, say economists, as parallel measures on both sides of the Atlantic will block...


Pooling resources to reduce the risks: A closer look at pre-competitive research

Collaborations between big industrial players, small and medium enterprises, and research institutes is an important area of R&D. takes a closer look at the benefits of pre-competitive collaborations....

Rosemary extracts get final EU approval for food preservation

Rosemary extracts have received recognition as safe and effective antioxidants for food preservation, according to new directives published in the European Commission’s official journal.

CSM warns on raw material costs as it posts 3rd quarter gains

Dutch bakery ingredients supplier CSM posted an increase of sales of €149.2m for the third quarter, but notes a substantial hike in commodity costs and reports that it has taken...

Cargill's reduced calorie chocolate set to hit shelves in 2011

Cargill’s sweetener experts have further enhanced its reduced calorie chocolate prototype that was shown at FIE in November 2009, with the commercial product set to hit the market at the...

GLG signs stevia distribution deal with ChemPoint for Europe and US

GLG Life Tech has signed a deal with e-distributor ChemPoint for the marketing, sale and distribution of its stevia extracts – and take up of stevia in Europe is expected...

Pilot phase testing can aid SME sugar-free gum market entry, Beneo

Beneo claims that new equipment at its laboratory in Germany will enable small and medium sized sweet manufacturers test its sugar replacer, Isomalt, in chewing gum.

Defatted cocoa powder ‘best compromise’ for low-fat choc: Nestle

Formulating reduced fat chocolate using defatted cocoa powder may indeed by the ‘best compromise’ for confectionery producers, says a new study from Nestlé Product Technology.

Antioxidants may improve bread quality: Study

The quality and shelf life of whole grain bread may be improved by reducing oxidation during storage, according to new research that shows the potential of antioxidant ingredients.

Spanish technology centre sniffs out trends from Japan, USA

Four European research centres have launched a joint project to scope out global food trends and stimulate open innovation within the global food industry.

Rabobank predicts continued commodity squeeze

Food manufacturers may have to face up to high sugar and corn prices over the coming year after food commodity prices shot up in October.

Food grade nano-capsules show formulation potential

Nano-capsules that can modulate the release of the incorporated substances may have applications in the formulation of functional foods, as well as relevance in food preservation and storage, according to...

News in brief

Chinese more worried about food safety than cancer- survey

Chinese consumers rate food safety as the second gravest risk to health, with only earthquakes triggering more anxiety, according to a recent report from an insurance company.

EC calls for views on nanomaterial definition

After hammering out a definition of the term ‘nanomaterial’ in a draft resolution, the European Commission is now inviting comments from interested parties over the next four weeks.

Puratos tackles sourdough capacity shortfall with new unit

A new natural sourdough production unit in Belgium costing €21m will boost volume and help meet the hike in demand from bakers for the bread ingredient, claims Puratos.

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