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Europe takes 'wait-and-see' stance on diacetyl flavouring

EU regulators and processors say they are examining the use of diacetyl for foods, following reports of hundreds of US workers falling ill from a deadly lung disease linked to...

UK retail landscape set for shake up

Recommendations made by the UK's Competition Commission (CC) could mean that competition in the country's supermarket sector could be set for a shake-up, a move that could spell significant changes...

TV-hypertension link could fan kid food ad debate

Another study has linked TV viewing to increased incidence of childhood obesity, but this time the researchers also pinpoint a higher risk of the children developing hypertension.

Scientists warn against folic acid fortification

Researchers at the UK Institute of Food Research have warned that fortifying flour with folic acid may lead to a range of health problems, a finding that calls into question...

Galam, Atomer, strengthen position in EU fructose market

Israeli fructose supplier Galam Group will take a majority share in the Spanish company Atomer SL, building on the market demand for natural sweeteners with a low Glycemic Index and...

FIE opens doors in London

Trade show Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) kicks off today in London, attracting 23,000 representatives from across the industry and the latest innovations in ingredients, formulation and processing techniques.

Chr Hansen forms partnership to increase polyphenol production

Ingredients developer Chr Hansen and Swedish dairy company Norrmejerier have joined forces to improve and increase the production of healthy polyphenols for food and drink applications as well for dietary...

UK moves one step closer to ban on trans fats

The UK government has taken a significant step towards the possible banning of trans fatty acids by asking the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for its urgent advice.

Brown marine algae mined for functional ingredients

Polysaccharides from brown marine algae could provide the ingredients for a new wave of beverages with health benefits, according to researchers in Ireland.

European GM crop cultivation leaps 77 per cent

The cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in Europe has increased by 77 per cent in the past year, according to figures released yesterday by the biotech industry association EuropaBio.

New milk culture for yoghurt launched

A new line of freeze-dried and frozen cultures for yoghurt production offer a cost effective replacement for milk solids, while also retaining taste and texture, their manufacturer claims.

French fibre source claim opens new markets for Nutriose

Roquette has obtained recognition from France's AFSSA for Nutriose's fibre properties, meaning that products containing the ingredient in its home market can now carry 'source of fibre' and 'rich in...

Mastertaste launches new masking flavours for soya

Flavours manufacturer Mastertaste has announced the launch of a new flavour line focused on improving the taste of soya products in response to increasing consumer demand for the dairy alternative.

Micro-fibres eyed as future functional ingredients

'Micronised' insoluble fibres, insoluble fibres processed to the micron scale, could favourably change the gut health of hamsters and may translate into important ingredients for functional foods, suggests new research.

France puts the brakes on GM cultivation

France is putting in a place a moriatum on the commercial cultivation of genetically-modified crops pending a review of the sector, a decision that means no new crops can be...

Danisco cultures can replace nitrite salts in cured meats

Danisco is launching two new cultures that it says can give meats the same colour, flavour and shelf-life as those cured with nitrite salts - but allowing for all-natural claims...

Bakery and brewing bolster Novozymes food enzymes

Novozymes has reported sales of DKK435m (€58.35m) for food enzymes in Q3 2007, during which it launched its long-awaited acrylamide-reducing enzyme Acrylaway.

Euro Parliament pledges investigation of retail prices

The European Parliament yesterday voted to investigate retailers' responses to the hike in food prices, but maintained that the increased demand for biofuels is not the main reason for the...

Cocoa husks offer green pectin source

Cocoa husks, a by-product of cocoa processing, may offer an alternative, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient source of pectin for food, suggests a new study.

Raisio extends rights to cholesterol-busting Benecol

Raisio has reached an agreement with its European and American partners to extend its rights to the cholesterol-lowering Benecol brand in France and the United States.

Differentiation helps reverse vitamin price slide for DSM

DSM's nutrition cluster looks to be reaping rewards of its differentiation strategy, with quality-based branding initiatives such as Quali-C said to contribute to a reversal in the price-slide for vitamins.

Grapefruit juice gets anti-cancer fillip

Grapefruit juice and its active components, furocoumarins, may inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the activation of compounds into cancer-causing compounds, suggests new research from the US.

Fermented soybeans offer natural antioxidants

Tapping into the ever-growing search for natural antioxidants to prolong the shelf-life of foods, new research from Taiwan suggests polyphenols from soybean could be added to the list.

Organic not organic if it's air-freighted, says Soil Association

Organic produce that is flown into the UK may not be certified as organic until it meets standards on ethical and fair trade, the Soil Association proposed today, a decision...

Germans develop new scheme for nutrition labelling

The German government has contributed to the labelling debate by producing new guidelines for increased nutritional information on food packaging, which focus on calorie content as the best way to...

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