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Choices programme encouraged reformulation, survey indicates

Membership of the Choices Foundation and use of the front-of-pack label has motivated Dutch food manufacturers to reformulate products and develop new ones with healthier composition, indicates a new study.

Processed red meat linked to metabolic syndrome: Study

Consumption of high levels of processed red meat is associated with higher risks of developing metabolic syndrome, according to new research.

Galam increases fructose prices

Israeli ingredients firm Galam is increasing prices for its crystalline fructose product on the back of rising raw material and energy costs.

Early prebiotic fibre may protect against obesity: Rat study

Consumption of prebiotic fibre early in life could offer some protection from obesity later in life, if they results of a rat study hold true for humans.

Special Edition: Asia

Looking East for salt reduction

Reducing salt is a major mandate for companies all over the world, but some of the latest science on salt replacers is coming from the East.

Wisdom Natural Brands opens new stevia processing facility

Stevia-based ingredient producer Wisdom Natural Brands is opening a new plant processing facility in Chile that it says will increase its output fivefold.


Food flavourings in Southeast Asia see 'enormous' growth but remain cost-driven

Although the food and drink flavouring market in Southeast Asia is “growing enormously”, consumer tastes are still cost-driven and traditional, according to top flavour producer IFF.

Synergy adds two new lactic yeast enhancers

Synergy has launched two new additions to its Saporesse Plus range of lactic yeast extracts said to help build back flavour and mouthfeel in low fat and low sodium savoury...

News in brief

One fifth of plant species under threat

A new study has warned that around one fifth of the world’s estimated 380,000 plant species are currently under threat of extinction – a worrying finding for biodiversity and...

CIAA welcomes level playing field with new 13.1 health claims approach

The European Commission’s decision to stop publishing article 13.1 health claims in batches and carve out botanicals from the process has met with more positive industry responses, as it will...

Cargill claims extensive interest in Truvia ahead of expected EU approval

Food ingredients giant Cargill says there is "extensive" European interest in its natural stevia-based sweetener Truvia Rebiana, ahead of anticipated approval from the EU Commission for use of steviol glycosides...


High fructose corn syrup: A sugar by any other name

Once upon a time sugar was sugar, and sugar was most definitely not good for you. So the Corn Refiners Association move to rebrand high fructose corn syrup as corn...

Watch out for mixed flavours as tastes move away from orange

New industry research suggests that producers are shifting away from the traditional orange flavour and focusing more on mixed flavours that are less vulnerable to frozen concentrate orange juice (FCOJ)...

News in brief

Chr Hansen sees natural colour potential in North Africa

Food manufacturers in Morocco and other North African countries are facing the same pressure as those in Europe to remove synthetic colours form products, reports Chr Hansen.

Blessing, Gewurzmuller launch organic and Halal cultures

Frutarom-owned Gewurzmuller is introducing new organic starter cultures for raw sausage and raw cured meats, and has announced that all the food cultures made by its Blessing Biotech arm are...

More research needed to fill nanotech knowledge gaps

A lack of plausible scientific evidence means that no general conclusions can currently be drawn on the safety of food and packaging derived from nanomaterials, said Hong Kong’s Centre...

Anti-mingling GM guidelines presented to wary Council

A new report setting out best practice for segregating GM and conventional maize has been presented to the Agriculture Council, but plans to allow member states to decide on GMO...

MEP 'quite confident' Council of Ministers will back traffic light labels

MEP Glenis Willmott is "quite confident" that the European Council will overturn the European Parliament’s (EP’s) decision to scrap colour-coded front-of-pack food labelling in the EU.

Industry collaboration needed to secure Irish milk targets, expert

The development of closer working relationships among all stakeholders involved in dairy processing sector in Ireland will be required to meet the challenge of increasing milk output 50 per cent...

No common lactose tolerability limit, concludes EFSA

Most people with a lactose intolerance can cope with up to 12g in a single sitting and more if spread throughout the day, but the huge variation between individuals means...

Consumers more confident with salmonella risk reduction at farm

Danish consumers may be more willing to pay more for minced pork products with a reduced risk of salmonella contamination – but they prefer it if measures are taken...

Extra cultures help diversify cheese flavours

The addition of adjunct bacteria cultures is a “promising strategy” in the production of new artisan cheeses with more diverse flavours, say researchers.

Could charcoal cheesecake catch on in the EU?

Charcoal-topped cheesecake or ice cream with chunks of cheese anyone? Strange they may seem - even stomach churning - but these real products, lauched in Asia this month, could hail...

Honey powder proves shelf life booster in bread, study

Honey powder could potentially be used as a dough improver, and may also act as a sugar replacer in bread, according to new research from China.

Special Edition: Asia

Facing the challenges of Chinese ingredient sourcing

China’s reputation as an ingredient supplier has suffered from a spate of food safety problems – but the food industry should not paint all China-based companies with the same broad...

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