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New partnership to yield biobased succinic acid

CSM and BASF have joined forces to develop biobased succinic acid and expect to start producing commercial volumes and quality in 2010.

Dairy industry seeks policy rethink on saturated fats

The European Dairy Association (EDA) has hosted a conference to push the case for a rethink of attitudes to saturated fat in advance of proposed tax and public policy changes.

News in brief

Cargill and Hojiblanca bottle olive oil together

A new bottling plant in Spain has been inaugurated by JV partners Cargill and Hojiblanca, supplying olive oil for private label.

Guest article

Stevia: Succeeding in an emerging market

A sustainable supply chain, adherence to quality standards and alliances with flavour companies are all keys to success in the increasingly competitive stevia sweeteners market, says Sneha Pasricha of Frost...

Omega-3 cheese: All the benefits of fish without the smell

Encapsulating omega-3 fatty acids in milk proteins may protect the fish-derived ingredients from oxidation, and cover the ‘fishy’ flavour in cheese, says a new study.

Danone splits from Wahaha; not talking to Mead

Danone’s troubled relationship with China’s Wahaha looks finally to be at an end; and rumours of a new deal with Mead Johnson over baby food are flatly denied.

Time for a change? More food jobs around now

The UK food job market has seen an upturn in recent months, according to a recruitment expert, and it’s no longer a buyers market for those in the hiring seat....

Guest article

Stevia: beverages and replacing aspartame

Aspartame and sugar are likely to be the main substitution targets for emerging stevia sweeteners, and beverages the initial main application, writes Sneha Pasricha, a research analyst for Frost &...

France reminds what ‘natural’ means

The French department responsible for tackling fraud has issued a new note setting out how the term ‘natural’ should be used on food products.

Salt-stressed yeast leads to bigger, softer bread: Study

Exposing Baker’s yeast to a salt solution prior to bread baking can improve the volume, texture, taste, and aroma of the finished product, says a new study.

News in brief

EU roadshow to combat kids' obesity

The EU has launched a new campaign to encourage healthy eating among school children, bringing the Tasty Bunch roadshow to 18000 kids in 180 schools, in seven counties.

Naturex merger to double 2009 earnings

Naturex, the French-based botanicals giant that recently acquired the ingredients business of Spanish company, Natraceutical Group, will earn €185m in 2009 – up from its 2008 income of €93.2m, as...


The benefits of a probiotic witch hunt

Get your pitchforks ready! There are evil-doers out there! We’ve been conned: Probiotics don’t work. Dannon’s settling out of court, EFSA’s rejecting health claims, and the media is starting a...


How Mugabe’s milk could sour Nestle's image

Nestle is being slammed for sourcing milk from a Mugabe-owned farm in Zimbabwe. In a world where both business and information are globalised, any big business practices deemed unacceptable –...

Kraft reportedly prepares hostile bid for Cadbury

Kraft Foods is reportedly preparing a hostile bid for Cadbury three weeks after the confectionery company rejected a £10.2bn ($16.7bn) offering.

Taste tipped to top the agenda at Stevia World Europe

Ahead of the Stevia World Europe conference in Frankfurt in November, business research firm KnowGenix has compiled a report detailing the quality, sustainability and taste issues that stevia still faces.

Kraft explores boosting chocolate health benefits

Drinks or high sugar-containing chocolate may be the best formulations for boosting antioxidant levels in the blood, suggests a new study from Kraft Foods.

New company to bring innovation to meat processing

Vitiva has formed a partnership to launch a new company targeting the meat processing sector

National Starch creates animal free emulsifier for instant foods

National Starch has developed a new fat encapsulation system for instant desserts or other dried products that replaces animal derived ingredients like sodium caseinate.

Here’s the scoop: Ice cream is next for stevia

Stevia could soon be adopted by ice cream manufacturers, claims a partnership of ingredient developers which believes it has overcome the technical challenges of producing frozen desserts using the...

Organic food not too expensive, insists Soil Association

The Soil Association (SA) has denied that organic food is too expensive, pointing out that many organic products are cheaper than their branded non-organic equivalent.

Salt targets get meaningful results for heart health: Study

Moderate reductions in salt intakes do indeed result in clinically relevant and beneficial reductions in blood pressure, says a new study from London.

Global food use of bulk and high intensity sweeteners

Some 70.4 million tonnes of sweeteners were used by the global food and beverage industry in 2008, including sugars. But which sweeteners are most used, in volume terms?

Synergy launches Thai-inspired pastes

The popularity of Thai foods has led Synergy to develop and range of clean-label pastes for the food manufacturing industry.

Emulsifier alternative slices cost of bread production

DSM Food Specialties says it has developed a new enzyme preparation which will offer bread manufacturers a "cost-effective and sustainable alternative" to emulsifiers CSL and SSL (calcium and sodium stearoyl...

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