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Palsgaard emulsifier 'doubles' bakery shelf life

A new cake emulsifier which lengthens shelf life to a minimum of 24 months has been devised by Danish ingredients manufacturer Palsgaard.

And finally... sweet success for Lyle's Golden Syrup

The famous Lyle's Golden Syrup tin, familiar to millions of UK consumers, has been named by the Guinness World Records as the world's oldest branding.

EU court throws out sodium gluconate cartel appeal

The European Court of First Instance has dismissed an appeal against the EC's decision in October 2001 to fine a global sodium gluconate cartel.

BASF confirms B2 food grade price increase

BASF has confirmed that it is increasing prices of its vitamin B2 for food products, three days after it announced similar measures for the same vitamin intended for animal feed.

WHO recommends global phasing out of trans fats

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that governments around the world phase out partially hydrogenated oils if trans-fat labelling alone doesn't spur significant reductions.

European Court upholds fines for citric acid cartel

The European Court of First Instance confirmed this week that Jungbunzlauer (JBL) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) engaged in an illegal citric acid price fixing cartel, and has as...

Palsgaard emulsifiers target low cost mayo production

Palsgaard has developed a range of emulsifiers and stabilisers designed to replace egg yolk and milk proteins in mayonnaise.

Fonterra uncovers secret to long life yoghurt

A new manufacturing process has the potential to extend the shelf life of yoghurts while preserving live and active cultures.

FSA welcomes 'constructive' dialogue with Commission

A meeting between the EC's directorate general for health and consumer protection and the UK's food safety watchdog was 'positive and constructive', according to FSA chair Deirdre Hutton.

Danisco invests in future of confectionery

Danisco Flavours has opened a new confectionery facility in Belgium in order to experiment with new combinations of texture, taste and functionality.

Fruit and vegetables cut heart disease risk, says study

Every extra of fruit or vegetable consumed daily could cut the risk of heart disease by four percent, says a meta-analysis of almost a quarter of a million people, giving...

Europe needs a strong CAP

Europe needs a strong Common Agricultural Policy but this must reflect current realities, argues EC minister Mariann Fischer Boel.

European countries top list for business location

Switzerland, Finland and Sweden are the world's most competitive economies according to this year's assessment by the World Economic Forum (WEF) of the best places to do business.

Senomyx taste patents unlock flavour potential

A patent covering the use of the human bitter taste receptor to screen for compounds could give Senomyx a significant edge in the race to identify new flavour ingredients.

Tate & Lyle CEO to be voice of UK's food sector

Tate & Lyle chief executive Iain Ferguson's appointment as president of the UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) comes at a critical time for the industry.

Isomalt achieves Novel Food approval from China

The sugar replacer Isomalt has become the first non-Chinese food to pass the Novel Food approval process set by the Chinese Ministry of Health, according to maker Palatinit.

Scientists develop natural food colour from algae

Scientists have developed a method of extracting a natural red colorant from the micro-algae Porphyridium cruentum.

Dislike of veggies is in the genes

The reason why some people dislike vegetables such a broccoli and sprouts is due to the genetic defence mechanism to potentially harmful compounds in the plants, a result that deepens...

Beta-carotene-rich maize boosts vitamin A in rodents

Maize, bred to contain high concentrations of the pro-vitamin A carotenoid, beta-carotene, did increase the vitamin A status in gerbils, and could be used to tackle vitamin A deficiency, says...

Weekly comment

When vegetables become victims

The demonisation of spinach following last week's E.coli outbreak could give salad-dodgers the excuse they have been looking for to skimp on their recommended five to nine portions of fruit...

UK support for sugar reform revealed

The UK's food and farming minister has revealed how almost £500 million of additional support for sugar reform will be incorporated within the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) over the next...

Cargill launches new textured soy protein

Cargill is launching a new soy protein in order to consolidate its position in the growing soy and meat-free market.

Small xanthan gum amounts boost gelling of proteins

Canadian researchers are looking into the effects of gelling of whey protein isolates with xanthan gum in concentrations well below that usually reported, and have already filed for a patent...

UK-French co-operation targets crop improvements

Three projects drawing on the expertise of researchers in both the UK and France could translate into practical improvements in crop and agronomic science.

FDF slams 'scare tactics' over fat levels in crisps

The FDF has accused the British Heart Foundation of 'scare tactics' over its newly launched Food4Thought campaign.

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