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Salt-reduced foods grow in popularity

The appeal of salt-reduced food formulations confirmed as fresh figures reveal salt sales are on the decline, finds a new report.

Burns Philp spins off bakery ingredients unit

Australian ingredients and food group Burns Philp cashes in on value creation to fund future investments, spinning off its baking, spreads and oils divisions into a separate firm.

Cereal price squeeze likely as global stocks fall

Pressure on prices for cereal ingredients will continue as revised figures show a draw down in global cereal stocks in 2005.

Men now spend more on food than women

Marketers would be wise to target the male shopper as new opportunities open up with new research revealing men have overtaken women on food spending.

Dairy group slams FSA's nutrition profiling plan

Nutrition profiling proposals from the UK's food watchdog would put milk in the same health bracket as diet coke and make breast milk unsuitable for children, claims a dairy industry...

Karlshamns merges with Aarhus in chocolate consolidation

Number one Scandinavian fats and oils firm Karlshamns consolidates its position with the merger of fellow oils supplier Aarhus United now complete.

Sucralose sweetener to offset profit fall at Tate & Lyle

Sucralose supplier Tate and Lyle warns profits at its European sugar refining business have been "substantially reduced" due to higher costs and oversupplies.

Purac builds lactic acid plant in Thailand

Out to capture the projected double-digit growth in lactic acids in Asia, Purac has signed off €98 million to build a new plant in Thailand.

EU's anti-GM stance is unsustainable, says study

Europe's opposition to genetically modified ingredients will significantly increase producers' costs over the next three years as it becomes ever harder to secure GM-free supplies, says a new report.

EU sugar reform forces CSM to restructure

CSM's sugar beet processing plant in Hoogkerk, the Netherlands is now fully online following the closure of the firm's Breda factory earlier this year.

UK to announce school junk food ban

The UK government will announce plans to ban junk food in the nation's schools, bringing an end to the sale of crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks in school vending machines.

EU seeks to break deadlock in banana dispute

A second round of WTO arbitration on the EU's proposal for a new import tariff for bananas could finally put an end to a long-running trade dispute.

Scientists double CLA content in cheese

Feeding cows sunflower oil more than doubled levels of conjugated linoleic acids in cheese made from their milk, says new research, improving the fatty acids' potential in functional dairy development.

Campina outlines CAP reform survival plan

Coping with reforms to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy has taken centre-stage for dairy firms across the bloc as Dutch group Campina outlines a plan to swallow more than €80m...

Tanzi trial commences as Parmalat points the finger

The trial of Calisto Tanzi, founder of scandal-hit Italian dairy giant Parmalat, commences today amid charges of false accounting and share price manipulation.

Increasing costs force DSM to raise citric acid prices

DSM Nutritional Products has announced a 15 per cent price increase for all its citric acid products, reflecting industry-wide concern about increasing energy, raw material and freight costs.

Deadly wine grape disease found in weeds

A chance to fight Pierce's disease, one of the wine industry's most deadly foes, at its origins has come a step closer after scientists found common weeds nestling in vineyards...

Seaweed-fortified junk food developed

Junk food could be made healthier by adding an extract of an exotic type of seaweed, according to British scientists.

Kiwi allergy concern drives new test methods

UK food analysis firm RSSL has added kiwi fruit to the list ofallergens it can detect by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) methods.

Swedes find secret of allergen-free apple

An apple with a reduced amount of the protein Mal d 1, which is known to cause allergic reactions, has been developed by scientists in Sweden.

Probiotic cereals - Arla business creates stable bacteria for new foods

A coating technology, first used to keep cookies crisp, may be the key to opening up new applications for probiotic bacteria like cereals or ice-cream.

Weekly comment

McDonald's: facing fat

There is nothing so redolent of a corporate mid-life crisis as the strategic equivalent of a new car, new girl and new image, set firmly on the shoulders of the...

Cries for public inquiry as E coli outbreak widens

The UK's Food Standards Agency has widened the investigation into the outbreak of E. coli food poisoning illness in Wales as parents start calling for a public inquiry.

CAP is vital to food industry future, says Ahern

Ireland's prime minister Bertie Ahern has called for the food industry to support the CAP, at a time when the system is coming under intense criticism.

Satiety ingredient to reach new European markets

An emulsion of common plant oils that makes consumers feel full will be offered by new companies in Europe in coming months as they seek to benefit from the strong...

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