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Research urged to determine clear-cut benefits of organic foods

Questions remain over whether organic foods are anyway superior to their conventional counterparts in terms of health promoting compounds, safety and sensory quality, or if no significant difference exists, find...

Growing demand prompts DMK and Arla milk powder collaboration

Dairy giants DMK and Arla planning a joint collaboration to ramp up their milk powder production on the back of increasing global demand.

‘Robust systems’ needed to monitor botanical substitutes, says Prof

Industry needs to be more careful in monitoring that they are using the right botanical ingredients, and not substitutes or adulterants, in foods and nutritional supplements, says Professor Monique Simmonds.

Texture not flavour determines satiety, says study

The perceived texture, but not flavour or method of consumption, has a modest but ‘highly consistent’ effect on satiety expectations of dairy products, according to new research.

Food and drink sugar supplier seeks EU pay out

Tate and Lyle Sugars, one of the main suppliers to the UK food and drink industry is seeking €35m in compensation from the EU Commission, claiming that due to EU...

Meat-free drive is impacting consumer markets: Euromonitor

Sales of meat have slowed considerably as the growing trend towards meat-free or meat-reduced diets impacts consumer markets, according to Euromonitor International.

Kosher certification in Europe becomes more popular

The volume of kosher certified products in Europe continues to grow but will probably never match North American levels, according to UK certification body, the Kashrut Division of the London...

Market is ready for fat-modified foods, suggests study

Consumers are willing to pay for healthier foods with modified fat contents, especially when they believe they are at risk from illness, according to new research.

Pfizer forms human milk partnership with German oligosaccharide specialist

German biotech start-up Jennewein Biotechnologie has inked a deal with drug giant Pfizer’s nutrition division to develop oligosaccharides derived from human milk (HMOs).

Confectionery giants head industry move to natural, Leatherhead

Confectionery giants such as Nestlé, Haribo and Cadbury have been at the forefront of efforts to move away from artificial additives, as the general industry makes a shift to natural...

Advocates slate soft drink 'misleading' marketing, urge TV watershed

UK children’s food advocates, critical of marketing tactics by soft drink makers, are calling for further restrictions on TV advertising in a bid to curb what they claim are the...

News in brief

Genome sequence could improve important agricultural crops

The newly sequenced genome of a Chinese cabbage variety could help improve the efficiency of oilseed rape breeding, as well as that of a host of other important food and...

Major challenges remain in acrylamide reduction, says new review

Reducing acrylamide content of foods while safeguarding other quality and taste aspects, still remains a challenge for industry, according to a new review of the science supporting reduction techniques.

Sustainable palm oil reaches million hectare mark

The first one million hectares of certified land for sustainable palm production marks ‘a turning point’ for industry, according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Australian government set to oppose palm oil labelling bill

The palm oil labelling bill in Australia is entering its next phase, with the House of Representatives set to vote on whether it becomes law – and the current government...

Mayan group claims Kellogg’s legal action over toucan logo

A non-profit organisation that defends indigenous Mayan culture says Kellogg Company is taking legal action over its use of a toucan logo.

Salt intake linked to cognitive decline: Study

A high-salt diet coupled with low physical activity could be detrimental to cognitive health in older adults, according to new research.

UK yoghurt mislabelled as gluten-free but not recalled

Emmi-owned yoghurt brand Onken is altering packaging on some of its yoghurt products that were mislabelled as gluten-free in the UK.

Early under-nutrition may increase heart disease risk in later life

Exposure to famine or under-nutrition during childhood and adolescence may affect cardiovascular health in adult life, according to a new study.

Claims of abuse of wine and fruit workers rattle down supply chain

Claims of poor human rights conditions in South Africa’s fruit and wine industries have turned the spotlight on ethical supply chains as a new report calls on retailers to put...

World sugar stocks on track for recovery

Sugar stocks should rise significantly from their current low levels, with analysts forecasting a global sugar surplus of around 9.5m tonnes in the 2011/12 (October-September) crop year, on the back...

Dutch dioxin-contaminated eggs exported to Belgium and Luxembourg

Dioxin contaminated eggs produced in the Netherlands have been exported to Belgium and Luxembourg, the Dutch food safety authority has told

Dairy prices to soften, says Glanbia

A modest weakening in dairy prices is expected, forecast Glanbia, as the company posted a profit jump in its half year results.

Low-sat fat ice cream gets formulation boost: Study

Ice cream formulated with an emulsion containing unsaturated oil showed no differences in melting properties as ice cream made with saturated fat, says a new study offering solutions for ‘healthy’...

Cargill pays premium millions to cocoa farmers as sustainable sourcing grows

Cargill’s drive to secure a good quality and sustainable supply of cocoa beans is filtering down to famers in Cote d'Ivoire as it has just made premium payments totalling more...

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