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Wild lupins’ protein could rival soy, say Spanish researchers

Wild varieties of lupin seeds could be tapped for their high quality protein content, report researchers in Spain, and could reduce the need to import soybean to Europe from places...

Antioxidant content of fruit more than previously thought?

We may be underestimating the antioxidant content of fruit and vegetables, according to an international team of scientists from Spain and the UK.

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Food brands flounder in new green listing

A new index that ranks UK grocery brands according to their impact on the environment has listed only food and beverage brands in the ten worst performing products – which...

Soy protein could lead to foamier egg foams: Study

Addition of a soy protein isolate to egg white could enhance the foaming of pure egg white, offering formulators an option of improved egg white foams, suggests new research.

BASF ups price of food preservative

Chemical giant BASF is increasing the price of its propionic acid by €100 per tonne, citing market conditions as the cause.

Chr Hansen introduces pure wild yeast for wine-making

Chr Hansen is claiming to be first amongst yeast suppliers in commercialising the pure wild yeast strain Torulaspora delbrueckii to add complexity to wines.

Could wheat allergy play a role in diabetes development?

An abnormal response to wheat proteins may tip a person’s delicately poised immune system into developing type-1 diabetes, suggests a study from Canada.

Sales slump fails to cloud Frutarom’s ambitions

The stronger US dollar and ongoing inventory destocking has led to a drop in sales for Frutarom, but the flavour and specialty ingredients supplier remains uncowed about the long term.

Soluble fibre may benefit IBS sufferers: Study

Adding soluble fibre to the diet may improve symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, but insoluble fibre may worsen the effects, says a new study.

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Marc Mortureux named new Afssa director

The French government has named Marc Mortureux as the new director of the food safety agency Affsa, filling a gap left by the departure of his predecessor to the ministry...

Vine root extract has heart health supplement potential: Study

Extracts from the roots of a vine that has overgrown almost 10 million acres in the southeastern United States may improve heart health, says a new study from the US.

Researchers warn of toxin increase in heated HFCS

The formation of a toxic substance when high fructose corn syrup is heated raises concerns for bee keepers, say researchers, and will help inform advice on safe storage of the...

Glanbia ingredients affected by higher-than-market input costs

Dairy ingredients dragged down the first half of 2009 for Glanbia’s Dairy Ireland division, as sale prices dropped but the price paid to milk suppliers was above the market low.

Trans-fat free shortenings show bakery potential

A blend of trans fat-free stearic acid-rich and oleic acid-rich oils can produce cookies with the same characteristics and consumer acceptance, says new research from Canada.

Low-salt bread ‘technologically feasible’, says study

Formulating breads with one quarter of current levels is possible without detrimentally affecting the rheological properties and the performance of the dough, says a new study from Ireland.

Brenntag UK buys glucose syrup business from Cargill

Brenntag UK has purchased Cargill’s packaged glucose syrup business for the UK and Northern Ireland, taking direct responsibility for customers as of next month.

Work needed for China fish processing to meet new EU rules, report

China’s fish processing industry has made considerable progress in boosting its traceability procedures but must improve further if it wants to meet new EU regulations due to come into force...

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Sonoco to raise Euro recycled paperboard prices

Sonoco has announced it is to increase prices on all recycled paperboard grades in Europe.

Low carb diet may increase heart risk: Mouse study

A new study has concluded that low carb-high protein diet leads to more atherosclerosis in mice, findings that could have implications for diet strategies if they also hold true for...

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Wasted watermelons could yield nutrients, fuel

Researchers at the USDA have established that watermelons not sold for food use due to cosmetic imperfections could be a source of nutraceutical ingredients and biofuel.

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Fifth of bees perished last winter

The British Beekeepers Association has said that a fifth of UK honeybees died last winter – emphasising the plight of these vital pollinators and implications for agriculture.

Meat in moderation is good nutrient source, says FSA

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said the potential link between red meat and bowel cancer should not discourage consumption, highlighting that meat “in moderation” can also be...

We’re not planning warm ice cream, Unilever says

Unilever has denied that it is actively developing ambient ice cream, following newspaper reports that such a product is part of a programme to reduce the environmental impact of its...

Low calorie drinks and low-fat foods effective for weight loss

Regular consumption of low-calorie beverages and low fat foods may help maintain weight loss and a stable body weight, suggests findings from a new study.

Consumers want more info on ethical credentials, survey

UK consumers have a great desire to learn about conditions for food producers in poor countries, a new survey indicates, which food manufacturers can satisfy by flagging up their ethical...

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