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Sweet formula for clear fruit drinks

A newsweetener formulation is designed for the booming clear fruit drink segment.

DSM gains application IP rights for asparaginase use

DSM Food Specialities has reached an agreement with Frito-Lay and Proctor & Gamble that gives it intellectual property rights to use asparaginase, the enzyme that underlies its acrylamide-reducing PreventASe preparation,...

Finnish ministers stir up GM meat debate

Politicians in Finland are stoking debate over labelling of meat products from animals fed with genetically-modified feed, in the interests of consumer rights.

Omega-3 encapsulation in chitosan gets study boost

Chitosan plus maltodextrin could offer an interesting alternative for the encapsulation of omega-3 rich fish oils, suggests a new study that uses a novel ultrasonic technique to generate impressive results.

Chitosan-glucose combo eyed as novel preservative

The Maillard reaction product of chitosan and glucose extended the shelf-life of lamb in laboratory tests by two weeks, and may offer industry with a novel and efficient preservative for...

Glanbia gains fuelled by US and nutritionals

Glanbia has reported a strong performance for the first half of 2007, largely thanks to its US food ingredients and global nutritionals businesses.

Food policy expert fears impact of nutrient profiling

The European Union's (EU) nutrient profiling system - one of the most controversial elements of Europe's proposed health claims law - could give member states a tool to discriminate between...

Syngenta takes sugar beet back to the tropics

Syngenta has developed a variety of sugar beet for cultivation in tropical climates that is expected to boost output and farmer income, and has initiated two products to develop its...

Chr Hansen sets up new Health & Nutrition business

Chr Hansen has created a new dietary supplement Health & Nutrition business division in an effort to revitalize and speed up its innovation as it attempts to meet the growing...

Promote positive image of frozen foods, urges Leatherhead

Industry needs to step up efforts to counter stigma associated with frozen food compared with chilled or 'fresh' produce, says Leatherhead. Although consumers are hearing the message, they are not...

Commodity-avoidance is a driver for ingredients R&D

Rising commodity prices are putting manufacturers under pressure, but some ingredients companies are developing ways to save their customers' margins by reducing or eliminating the need for commodities in formulations.

Sorghum passes safety, taste tests for coeliacs

Sorghum, for so long viewed as merely a feed crop in the West, has big potential for bakery for coeliacs, according to a new study that indicated the proteins do...

Tea extract could reduce purported diabetes link

A US study presented last week claimed to establish a link between high fructose corn syrup and diabetes, particularly in children - but researchers say a compound found in tea...

Weekly comment

Is it harsh? Is it fair? No it's a consumer watchdog

In 1993, it seemed superheroes had reached their lowest peak when Superman was slain by an unstoppable monster known as "Doomsday".

Syral to present new structure, sweetener capabilities

Syral is set to unveil its new sales and industrial organisation in October, following the acquisition of Tate & Lyle starch assets that is currently underway, and says it will...

ABF to shake up China sugar industry with joint venture

Associated British Foods (ABF) has forged an agreement with Chinese sugar group Hebei Tian Lu, which is expected to revolutionise beet sugar production technology and boost yields.

Encapsulated CLA passes dairy taste test - study

Encapsulation of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) using whey protein led to better stability of the ingredient and consumer acceptance when used in dairy, says a new study.

Whey protein hydrogels offer encapsulation advantages - study

Whey proteins hydrogels - 3D networks with the ability retain water in it structure when dissolved - have the potential to encapsulate sensitive ingredients, suggests a new study.

Syral's Tate & Lyle starch buy approved

The European Commission has approved Syral's acquisition of part of Tate & Lyle's Food and Industrial sweeteners and starches businesses in Europe it was announced yesterday.

Nutrigenomics will underlie food future, Chr Hansen

Chr Hansen regards nutrigenomics as technology to underlie the food industry's future away from one-size-fits-all nutrition, and has placed exploration of this area high-up on its R&D agenda.

Panic wheat buying raises fear for food prices

Extremely tight world wheat supplies led to panic buying of the commodity on world markets yesterday, driving up prices to record heights and stoking fears of inflation in food prices.

Fat remains major baddie for healthy eaters, says Datamonitor

Reducing fat intake continues to be the main priority of consumers looking to improve their diets, according to a new report from market analyst Datamonitor.

Japanese citrus eyed as potential pectin source

The Japanese citrus fruit Citrus depressa yields high methoxyl pectin in higher quantities than grapefruit and lemon, and could be used as a gelling agent, researchers from Japan have reported.

NZ officials dismiss aspartame-formaldehyde link

A link between the aspartame and formaldehyde by an organic group has been dismissed as scaremongering in a statement issued by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) this week.

Salt per serving tricks consumers, regulator says

Some manufacturers are deliberately 'hoodwinking' consumers over salt content, claims a new report from UK regulators that says more action needs to be taken for salt reduction targets to be...

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