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Food crop prices to benefit from Hurricane Katrina?

As Hurricane Katrina hammers the US state of Louisiana damaging corn and soybean crops in its wake and creating bullish trading in the energy markets, the storm could actually benefit...

Arla boosts margins in Chinese milk powder deal

Arla Foods' factory re-jig paid off this week as the group signed a joint-venture deal with China's leading dairy firm to get its added value milk powder products into one...

California sues food firms over acrylamide

The state of California is suing nine top food manufacturers over their reluctance to issue warnings that some popular snacks could contain a potential cancer-causing chemical.

Human smell sense can sniff and locate food odours, new study

Fundamental research into smell finds that although humans may never match the tracking ability of dogs, they apparently have the ability to sniff out and locate odours.

Sudan Red testing a priority for food makers to cut risk

More than six months after the sudan food colour debacle struck the UK, the authorities are still detecting the illegal ingredient, and potential carcinogen, in food formulations.

Food, drink trade mark registrations rise in UK

The rise in trademarking food products in the UK serves as indication the industry remains on top of the game, as processors and retailers attempt to meet consumers' demands.

Aarhus: drive into speciality fats starts to pay off

Healthy sales of chocolate fat replacers in Denmark lift first half figures for Danish speciality oil firm Aarhus United.

European ingredients unit pushes growth for Kerry

All round gains in flavours, speciality, and dairy ingredients help Irish ingredients group Kerry face "highly competitive trading conditions" and contribute to the 12.8 per cent rise in first-half profit....

Kerry continues to expand ingredients, food divisions

Reporting good sales and profits growth in the first six months of 2005, ingredients and food products maker Kerry said today it is still on the prowl for what it...

Russia moves to curb growing yeast imports

Attempts by the Russian government to bolster the domestic yeast industry by raising taxes on imports have been dented by a lack of trust in local supplies.

New research improves taste complexity for artificial sweeteners

Food developers meeting the constant challenge to disguise the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners will gain from new research that finds certain 'tastants' block the natural taste 'off-switch'.

Weekly comment

Water wastage syndrome

Praise where praise is due. And it is certainly due for one small-time drinks firm in southern Britain, which is spear-heading answers to global water shortages that threaten to wreak...

Novozymes consolidates food enzyme distribution with Fiske

Strenghtening supply chain number one enzyme supplier Novozymes will consolidate its numerous distributor agreements in Europe under one firm, ingredients and additive distributor Fiske.

Prices stable on stronger yields for confectionery nut ingredient, pistachios

As prices for hazelnuts, two-thirds of which are sourced from Turkey, slowly start to recover following global shortages, pistachio production also shows signs of improvement following last year's frosts.

EU approval marks market entry for Palatinit energy ingredient

Food and drink makers developing functional, ready to drink and instant formulas could gain from European Commission approval for the slow-release carbohydrate isomaltulose supplied by German firm Palatinit.

Cranberry juice no benefit for kidney stones?

Cranberry juice has been used to promote urinary tract health for generations, but new research suggests that it may encourage the formation of the most common type of kidney stones.

Nestlé, ADM and Cargill go to court over cocoa child labour

Leading cocoa suppliers Nestle, Archer Daniels Midland, and Cargill are being sued by a US labour rights firm over accusations of forced child labour.

Maillard reaction on scallop allergens investigated

Structural changes in proteins can impact the allergenicity of the sought-after seafood, scallops, report Japanese scientists.

EU number one provider of trade-distorting cash support

The EU provides the largest amount of trade-distorting support to farmersas measured by dollar value, with the US a distant second and Japan adistant third, according to a report this...

Food habits raise prostate cancer risk?

Diets high in refined grain products and processed meats could raise the risk of prostate cancer risk, say Canadian researchers.

Price rises at Nutrinova for sorbates

German-based ingredients firm Nutrinova passes raw material and energy price rises onto the market, announcing double-digit price hike for its sorbate products, used increasingly by food developers to preserve foods...

Hazelnut prices to stabilise in forthcoming months?

Hazelnut prices remain at all time highs but the imminent crop from key producer Turkey could offer some stability to snack makers and confectioners impacted by the record highs.

Food science improves flavour release for baked frozen foods

Improving the flavour of thawed and re-heated frozen baked goods, food scientists in the US have designed a release mechanism that delays odour release until the product is cooked.

Ingredients boost 4Q for Cargill

Core business segments, including food ingredients, contribute to an 18 per cent leap in quarterly profit for expanding, and ambitious, US firm Cargill.

Ingredients unit contributes to strong year profits for Cargill

Core business segments, including food ingredients, contribute to an 18 per cent leap in quarterly profit for expanding, and ambitious, US firm Cargill.

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