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Yoghurt brand aims to develop ‘dairy for men’ category in UK and Ireland

A yoghurt brand targeted at men is gearing up for launch in the UK and Ireland early next year. FoodNavigator asks: What makes yoghurt manly?

Maternal 'junk food diet' may alter baby's brain development

Eating a junk-food filled diet during pregnancy may affect the development of brain pathways in developing babies, permanently altering responses to foods that are high in fat and sugar, say...

Increased food import checks are working to protect European health

Increased safety checks on fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts and seeds from non-EU countries are working to protect the health of European consumers, according to a new report from the...

Cereal Partners ordered to pull ads comparing Cheerios to croissants and Nesquik to jam on toast

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Cereal Partners UK must remove two adverts that compared the nutritional value of Cheerios to croissants and Nesquik to jam on toast.


Why there is great urgency for sustainability in palm oil

Increasing global consumption of palm oil poses serious sustainability challenges and raises questions about leading consumer nations’ responsibility in managing the footprint of its global supply chain. 

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WILD invests in booming Brazilian beverage market with equity stake in Amazon Flavors

WILD Flavors GmbH has become a shareholder in Amazon Flavors giving the company increased access to the booming Brazilian beverage market.

Emerging technologies may improve our 'fragmented' knowledge of allergens

Emerging technologies could help expose more detailed allergen profiles of food and food ingredients than have previously been possible, suggest researchers.

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European Commission clears ADM-GrainCorp deal

The European Commission has cleared ADM’s acquisition of GrainCorp for A$3.4bn, the sixth global regulatory body to do so.

Stevia without plants? We won’t rule it out – but it’s not what consumers want right now, says PureCircle

Stevia sweeteners can now be developed through fermentation – rather than extraction from stevia plants – but it is the plant-based message that is most important to consumers, according to...

Is azuki the next big bean?

The azuki bean, also known as adzuki and aduki, is more commonly found in Japanese kitchens, yet has recently been creeping into the European culinary consciousness. With its high nutritional...

EC launches study to assess impact of proposed milk origin labelling

The European Commission (EC) has issued a call for tenders for a study on the impact of proposed legislation that would make origin labelling on milk and milk used as...

Horse meat scandal dented Irish trust in food supply, finds FSAI

The discovery of horse meat in a range of ‘beef’ products in the European Union earlier this year has had a major impact on Irish consumers’ trust in the food...

NTC: Our garlic and onion flavor alternatives are ‘very, very cost-effective versus some of the cheapest raw materials on this planet’

By exploiting plant by-products for precursors to in-demand flavors, Natural Taste Consulting’s (NTC) has come up with natural, sustainable, and highly cost-effective options for a variety of foods – but...

Long road to implementation seen for FDA's new FSMA rules on food imports, audits

New rules released under the Food Safety Modernization Act will push more responsibility onto food importers and third party inspectors in an effort to prevent food borne illnesses at their...

In vitro meat: Lab-grown burger to be unveiled and tasted next week

The world's first in vitro meat - a €250,000 burger made from lab grown beef - will be unveiled and served next week.

Danone infant formula demand drives ‘strong start’ to 2013

Danone claims to have got off to a “strong start” this year, with early signs of stabilisation in Europe and solid demand for infant nutrition products in China driving better-than-expected sales growth...

Tough Europe forces Danone savings drive

Dairy and beverages giant Danone is targeting €200M (£172.7M) in savings in Europe by 2015 by “adapting its structures and costs” as the tough economic climate continues to bite.

Wrigley files patent for ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies

Mars-owned Wrigley is attempting to patent a method to produce ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies using erythritol.

News in brief

Synergy targets consumer demand for authenticity with cheddar cheese flavours

Flavour and ingredients supplier Synergy has introduced a range of cheddar cheese flavours, to deliver authentic mature cheddar flavours in savoury foods.

Salmonella cases increase in Denmark as nearly half infected abroad

Almost 1,200 cases of salmonella were reported in Denmark last year with 45% contracted while travelling abroad.

From leaf to shelf: ISC aims to unite stevia supply chain

Stevia trade association the International Stevia Council (ISC) has called for more end users to become involved in its activities, to spur sustainability and more uniform standards in the sector.

FoodNavigator: What's on our special editions calendar for 2013-14?

From the newest developments in sweeteners, fats and oils and flavours, to the latest trends in gluten-free formulation and plant-based diets, FoodNavigator's special editions calendar for 2013-14 spans the hottest...

Role of social media in foodborne outbreaks

Share salmonella, tweet E.coli and like listeria – social media’s role in outbreaks

Social media is playing more of a role in outbreaks and even alerted public health officials to an illness last year.    

Palm oil genome map will boost yields and protect environment, say researchers

Mapping of the oil palm tree genome has revealed a single gene responsible regulating its yield, offering the possibility to breed new variants for increased production, say scientists behind the...

Nutrition and Health drive first-half success for Naturex

A massive 33.6% growth in revenue from nutrition and health helped French ingredients firm Naturex to a strong double-digit growth in the first half of 2013.

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