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Analysts predict 6-7% sucralose growth for Tate & Lyle

UK analysts are forecasting 6-7% growth in sucralose for Tate & Lyle Splenda version of the sweetener which leads the segment globally.

Researchers to explore the causes of cheese spoilage

Researchers are developing a cost efficient method for the identification of microbial communities present in food, in the hope they can identify changes that lead go spoilage.

Danisco buy-out fails to dent DuPont Q2 earnings

Dupont, which earlier in the year warned that its May $6.49bn acquisition of Danisco would dent its yearly profits, has defied expectations in second quarter results published today.

Tagatose player boosts production potential as regulations favour sector

Belgian sweeteners firm Nutrilab is scaling up production of tagatose following regulatory approvals.

Refined oils ‘unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction’

Refined vegetable oils including soya and peanut oils are highly unlikely to trigger allergic reactions, according to new research.

Time to consult on food enzyme, additive and flavouring guidance

An association representing European small and medium-sized businesses is calling on its members to consult on draft guidance for submitting applications to the EU for food additives, food enzymes and...

Firmenich and Amyris expand “mystery” ingredients partnership

Firmenich and the renewable products company Amyris are expanding their joint collaboration to work on three “key” ingredients but they continue to keep the industry guessing about what they are.

News in brief

Uncertainties remain on safety of smoke flavour: EFSA

Following the evaluation of new data, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has updated its opinion on the safety of two smoke flavourings used in the EU.

Financials round-up: Danone; BASF; Lonza

Rising commodity costs, economic uncertainty, currency fluctuations affect results of three companies publishing H1 results this week.

EU calls for 1980s agri-food information policy makeover

Europe’s diverse and proud agriculture and food sector is set for a promotional makeover, with the European Commission calling for input on how to best promote the bloc’s agricultural produce....

We are what we eat: Fatty foods may boost moods

Fat-rich ‘comfort foods’ may actually alter the brain's response to sadness, and boost mood, according to new research.

Special Focus: food industry careers

Buoyant jobs market driven by Europe-wide demand for skills

The jobs market in the food and drink industry is extremely buoyant, with skills shortages and growing demand set to push up salaries across the board.

LycoRed’s tomato concentrate claims to tackle salt and cost concerns

LycoRed has just released a natural tomato concentrate that it says can help limit the use of more costly ingredients in a wide range of foods, whilst still enhancing the...

New food act to strengthen regulation, raise industry standards

India's new food safety act will strengthen better the ability of regulators and the government to handle food contamination incidents, the head of one of India's top food research institutes...

Rabobank’s commodity outlook puts weather centre stage

Elevated agricultural commodity prices will remain this season as unfavourable weather impacts production, offering little chance to replenish stocks, according to Rabobank.

Rising food costs causing ‘consumer recession’, say analysts

Rising inflation is forcing consumers to cut their shopping budget, leading to early indications of a ‘consumer recession’ hitting Europe, according to analyst group SymphonyIRI.

Sugar doesn’t melt, it decomposes, say researchers

Sugar crystals do not melt, but instead decompose in a heat sensitive reaction termed ‘apparent melting’, according to new research.

Hungary prepares for 'discriminatory' September 1 fat tax

Hungary will introduce a fat tax as of September 1 this year -a move the food industry says is unnecessary and ineffective in achieving widespread dietary shifts.

Organics booming in Lebanon, India, Romania

The first organic dairy factory has opened in Lebanon, Romania’s market is growing at 20%+ and in India, forecasts are for quadruple growth by 2015 as developing economies embrace organic...

Sucker or chewer: new study on variance in choc eating habits could impact NPD

Results from recent research aiming to better understand variation in chocolate consumption behaviour suggest that formulation experts at leading brand owners might consider developing different products targeted at suckers and...

Bringing home the bacon, ‘with added water’

Bacon producers have warned that a last-minute change to the Food Information Regulation (FIR) could prove expensive for both manufacturers and consumers.

Pasta could get fibre boost without affecting quality, say researchers

The addition of certain dietary fibres to pasta could offer health benefits without affecting the quality of final products, according to new research on durum wheat pasta.

Red Bull cans energy shots and Cola in US (but not Europe)

Global energy drink leader Red Bull has taken a rare step back by withdrawing Red Bull Cola and Red Bull Energy Shots from the US market – but says it...

UK food industry welcomes DOH dietary survey findings

The UK Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has welcomed a nutrition and dietary habits survey published this week by the UK government which found positive shifts in key areas including...

Greenpeace raided after GM crop destruction

Police have raided Greenpeace's Sydney headquarters, seizing evidence relating to last week's destruction of a genetically-modified wheat experiment.

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