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ADHD could be linked to diet: Cohort study

A new study from Australia has suggested that ADHD in adolescents could be linked to Western diets, which tend to be high in total fat, saturated fat, refined sugar and...

Cargill in deal to supply Unilever with segregated palm oil

Cargill has announced a deal to supply Unilever’s European operations with 10,000 metric tonnes of fully segregated refined RSPO certified palm oil but no dateline was given.

News in brief

EFSA GM panel adopts allergenicity opinion

EFSA’s panel on genetically modified organisms has adopted a scientific opinion on risk assessment of allergenicity of GM plants, following a 10 week consultation period.

Flavour industry unites to attract new research talent

A new scheme offering bursaries and an award to PhD students investigating flavours aims to address the current shortage of flavour experts by encouraging a new generation.

EC approves six GM corn varieties for food and feed

The European Commission authorized six genetically modified (GM) maize varieties for food and feed use on Wednesday after member states failed to return majority decisions for or against on three...

Fruit flies help explain why diet success varies

A study on fruit flies has indicated that genetic interaction with diet has a greater impact on body weight than diet alone, which the researchers say can help explain different...

How brand and labelling impact purchasing decisions

Branding and labelling have the most impact on consumers’ buying decisions, followed by blind tasting, concludes a study that used wine tasting as a model to determine the relative influence...

EU project produces low-cost spirulina

A project funded by the EU has resulted in an emerging spirulina industry in Chad, boosting production of the nutrient-rich algae to a commercial scale across the country.

Adult rats’ sodium appetite linked to early polyunsaturated fat deficiency

Diets that include too little polyunsaturated fat in early childhood could lead to increased appetite for sodium later in life, suggests a new rat study published in the journal Appetite.

Almonds on the up in new products

Almonds were the most popular nut used in new products launched in the EU last year, Mintel data indicate, with over 50 per cent of almond-containing foods in the confectionery...

Children seeing fewer 'high fat' food adverts, says UK watchdog

UK Media watchdog Ofcom has found that children are exposed to less high fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) products through TV advertising since 2005 and it sees no need to...

News in brief

Thai firm buys John West tuna owner

Thai Union Frozen Products is to become the world’s largest seafood firm with the acquisition of MW Brands, owner of John West canned tuna, for US$884m.

PureCircle shares slump on warning of lower profits

Stevia supplier PureCircle saw its share price plummet yesterday (Tuesday) after it said in a trading update that its profits for fiscal 2010 would be down on last year.

Sustainable food messages risk confusing consumers

Food firms are increasingly discussing the sustainability of their activities, but they must communicate with consumers using practical messages rather than euphemisms and jargon, says brand expert.

Natural foods: LFR examines market opportunities

A new research project is due to examine the international landscape for natural foods, with the aim of helping manufacturers understand consumer expectations and successfully market their products.

Naturex H1 gives ‘head-start’ on 2010 targets

Naturex’s has indicated that the first six months of 2010 have brought strong revenue-growth as it set about integrating the ingredients division recently acquired from Natraceutical, but all its business...

British Sugar forms stevia joint venture with PureCircle

British Sugar has joined forces with natural sweeteners firm PureCircle to develop new bulk sweeteners combining sugar and extracts from the stevia leaf.

EFSA lowers amaranth ADI and questions standards

The European Food Safety Authority has established a new, lower acceptable daily intake for the food colouring amaranth after re-evaluating the scientific evidence for its safety, a suggests that new...

Zero-calorie sweeteners do not prompt overeating, finds study

People do not compensate with extra calories after consuming foods and drinks sweetened with zero-calorie sweeteners, suggests a new study published in the journal Appetite.

Hot weather could result in costlier flour, analysts

Bakers may expect to pay out more for flour on the back of the rally in global wheat prices this month, following production setbacks in the EU, Russia and Kazakhstan,...

E-number rules are a hurdle to natural preservative use

Finding natural ways to preserve foods throughout their shelf life without compromising safety is a major challenge for the food industry. But while technical solutions are emerging, some regulatory hurdles...

News in brief

Roquette wins award for new pea protein

Roquette has been awarded by Frost and Sullivan for the improved version of Nutralys pea protein which it launched this year.


Nanotechnology in food: What’s the big idea?

Let's get talking about nanotech. The science of the very small has filled the food industry with big ideas – but industry is torn on how to present nanotechnology to...

UK and Irish confectioners target of gold pigment release

UK and Irish confectionery manufacturers can have shelf stand out appeal with a gold pigment, based on silicate combined with titanium dioxide, claims ingredients supplier Azelis/S. Black, which is now...

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