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News in brief

Irish Food Board foreign assignment to fellows

Ireland has launched new initiative to boost food exports, by assigning 25 graduates as fellows to partner with Irish food firms in 33 international markets.

Imported ready meals a worry for many Irish

Over 50 per cent of Irish consumers are concerned about the safety of food imported from outside the EU – and 43 per cent about food from other EU member...

Commission offers €20m for new round of dairy promotion projects

The Commission has today approved plans to launch a special round of promotion programmes with €20m in EU funding for the struggling dairy sector.

Lecithin additive may find health niche

A component of the common food additive lecithin my help the liver process fat and glucose, opening up lecithin to a potential role in the growing health ingredients category.

Allergy specialists suggest warning symbol for foods, non-foods

Use of a common symbol to indicate the presence of individual allergens in food and personal care products could help allergy sufferers identify products to avoid – especially in multi-lingual...

New blend makes antioxidant rich chocolate easier to create, says Wild

Wild has launched a blend of plant extracts to help chocolate manufacturers create antioxidant rich products without needing to buy special quality cocoa beans.

Organic nutrition review a call for stronger science

A new review of studies on the nutritional content of organic and conventional produce has broadly concluded that there are no differences – but the investigators raise big concerns over...

Emulsifiers delay staling in gluten-free bread: Study

Formulating gluten-free breads with common emulsifiers may delay the staling of the products, leading to longer shelf-life, according to new research from Germany.

Questions posed for three-pronged nutrition labelling scheme

A new consultation starts today on practical issues to developing a colour coded GDA front-of-pack labelling scheme that includes the words ‘high, medium and low’.

New clean label maize starch promises greater stability

Ulrick & Short has developed a modified starch replacement made from waxy maize for sauces and ready meals that it says offers greater stability than previous versions.

Probiotics may reduce cold and 'flu symptoms for children

A daily supplement of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains may reduce the incidence of cold and 'flu-like symptoms in children by 50 per cent, says a new study from Danisco.

Soy processors extend Amazon deforestation moratorium

Brazilian soy processor have extended their moratorium on sourcing from newly deforested areas of the Amazon, as efforts to curb destruction of the rainforest need more time to take affect.

Milk guzzling children may live longer, says study

Consuming plenty of dairy products at a young age may lower stroke risk and lead to a longer life, according to a 65-year follow up study.

News in brief

FSA seeks chair, molecular biologist

The UK’s FSA is seeking a new chair and an expert molecular biologist to join its Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP).

Colour-protein mix gives glimpse of functional emulsions future

Combining carotenoids with protein may lead to stable emulsions with desirable colour and nutritional content, says new research with potential to formulate functional emulsions.

Baby ingredients' source more important than organic, say firms

Parents are more interested in the source of ingredients in baby foods than in whether or not they are organic, according to manufacturers questioned for a new report.

Spend more to market healthy foods, says FSA

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has published tough draft recommendations for reducing saturated fat content and portion sizes in sweet baked goods, chocolate and beverages – as well as an...

Organogels still out of reach for food: Review

Organogels, seen by some as offering great potential as trans fat replacer and nutraceutical delivery systems, may still far from being used in finished products, says a new review.

New purity criteria for food additives open for consultation

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is calling on food additive manufacturers and enforcement authorities to comment on an EU directive laying down new purity criteria.

Scientists extend fat reducing potential of pectin-protein complexes

Combining sugar beet pectin and milk proteins could lead to the formation of core-shell systems for use as encapsulators or fat replacers, suggests new research.

Post-market food review highlights EU consumer priorities

A review of all new food and beverage product launches in Europe over the past year has revealed an increased focus on three top-of-the-mind consumer issues: The quest for...


Imagining a world where we eat less meat

Cutting back meat consumption is the new darling cause of pop stars. But if necessary environmental and health goals are to be achieved, the whole supply chain needs to be...

Chocolate cake: Leavening agent key to healthy profile

Maintaining cocoa’s heart healthy compounds in a finished product depends on the presence of other ingredients, particularly leavening agents, says new research from the Hershey Company.

Managing in China: Part two

Trust and cooperation with Chinese authorities

Dealing with the Chinese authorities requires trust and working together to solve problems, says Yossi Gohary, general manager of Solbar Ningbo.

More kosher ingredients needed in France

Opportunities are plentiful for suppliers of kosher ingredients to France, where the market continues to boom thanks to growing interest from mainstream consumers.

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