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Strategic focus directs corporate responsibility

The vast offer of aid to China following its devastating earthquake in May reflects the food industry’s increasing move towards displaying strategic corporate responsibility.

Special edition: Natural colours

Global divide over natural colour regulation

In the third of a four part series on natural colours, FoodNavigator looks at the regulatory situation in the US and Europe and the challenges this poses for food manufacturers...

Almond prices steady on bumper crop forecast

Prices for almonds, used in a wide variety of baking and snack products, should remain steady and even dip in 2008/09 as California growers forecast a bumper crop for the year.

EFSA recommends max limits for d-camphor flavouring

EFSA has published its panel’s opinion on camphor as a flavouring, deeming it unlikely to cause acute effects in foods with less than 2mg per kg of body weight per...

No deal for Doha. Deja vu

Spirits are low after the Doha trade talks in Geneva collapsed yesterday following an intense nine days of negotiations and are high unlikely to be resumed before January 2009 or later.

Special edition: Natural colours

Sourcing natural colours is no easy feat

In the second of a four part series on natural colours, FoodNavigator looks at challenges in finding colours that work in formulations – and ensuring the supply chain is secure...

Soy bean extract seeks EU Novel Foods status

Touchi, a fermented soy bean extract that has been used for centuries in Japan, China and other parts of Asia may be available to European consumers if a European Union...

Exclusive interview

Nurturing the next generation of food scientists

The number of food science graduates is falling across the globe, but measures are in place to halt the decline. Has disaster been averted? Is the industry’s future assured?

Coagulant designed to meet clean label dairy demand

A new coagulant product can ensure a preservative-free, cost effective enzyme for use in cheese production, according to its manufacturer.

Emerging markets and flavours a boon for Symrise

Symrise has reported good sales growth in local currencies the first half of 2008 driven by flavours and emerging markets, although fragrance growth was hit by the drop-off in consumer...

Special edition: Natural colours

Natural colours catching up with synthetic

Colours derived from natural sources look set to overtake synthetic alternatives in market value as manufacturers continue to meet the rising demand for clean label ingredients.

Hot topic

Organics - fad or the future?

Organic food has been one of the biggest trends in the food sector in recent years. FoodNavigator is seeking your views on whether organics have staying power, or whether consumers...


Can we believe the Danisco-Apax rumours?

Rumour, according to the Romans, is a feathered beast with a myriad eyes and tongues. Last week she went bristling through the Danish business pages, spreading the news that Danisco...

Barry Callebaut sells Chococam to focus on cocoa sourcing

Focusing further on cocoa bean sourcing and processing, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut spins-off Chococam, the last of its consumer activities in Africa, to South African food firm Tiger Brands.

Organic food ‘good for you’ says EU

The European Commission has launched a campaign to inform consumers of the benefits of organic food and support those involved in the ever-growing organic market.

UK cake-eaters prefer smaller treats

Good things come in small packages. That seems to be the belief of time-pressed consumers in the UK, who are buying more cakes that come in individual packages than five...

Xylitol bears show dental health potential - study

Gummy bear candies, not traditionally seen as a first line of defence in battling tooth decay, may play some role in providing oral health care to children when containing some...

CLA achieves US approval for use in foods

Lipid Nutrition has confirmed its Clarinol conjugated linolenic acid ingredient has received approval by the US regulator to be used as an ingredient in certain foods and beverages in...

Fructose again linked to fat build-up: study

Fat build-up from fructose consumption may be greater than what occurs when we eat other types of sugars, such as glucose and sucrose, according to a new study.

Study links low sperm with high soy consumption

A new study has found that men who consume an average of half a portion of soy products per day are more likely to have a lower concentration of sperm,...

EFSA reaffirms safety view of cloned meat and dairy products

Meat and dairy products from cloned pigs and cattle are probably safe for human consumption, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded in its scientific opinion on animal cloning released...

Gap is closing on aspartame’s lead over sucralose: Mintel data

The number of new food and beverage products containing aspartame has continued to fall since 2005, indicates data from Mintel, while the number of those using sucralose has risen.

Treatt launches true-to-life natural fruity flavours

Treatt has expanded its portfolio of natural flavour ingredients with flavours distilled from fresh fruit, aiming to provide tastes that match as closely as possible to the real fruit.

Resistant starch raises fibre in gluten-free bread: study

A new study has concluded that partially replacing corn starch in gluten free breads with tapioca and corn resistant starch can raise dietary fibre significantly, but without having a great...

Manufacturers seek sucralose over aspartame, says Fusion

Fusion Nutraceuticals is reporting interest in its recently launched sucralose as a replacer for aspartame in food and beverage products, as manufacturers seek to meet retailer and consumer demand for...

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